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General Amherst honours top athletes at awards banquet



By Ron Giofu


The top athletes at General Amherst High School were honoured last week at the annual athletic awards banquet.

The banquet, held last Thursday evening at the Ciociaro Club, saw major sports awards handed out as well as awards in individual sports. Two of the big winners of the evening were Josh DiCarlo and Reese Jones, who were male and female athlete of the year respectively.

“I’m pretty excited,” said DiCarlo. “I knew I had a chance.”

DiCarlo acknowledged he is only in Grade 11 and said it was a bit of a surprise that he beat out the Grade 12 athletes.

“I worked hard for it and I’m glad I got it,” said DiCarlo.

DiCarlo, who played badminton, golf and hockey this past high school season, thanked his coaches and parents for getting him this far. Jones was also grateful, believing she had a chance at her award.

Jones thought it was be between her and teammate Brooklyn Prescott for the award, but Jones also thought Prescott had a chance at the top female student athlete award as well due to her intelligence.

“I was really excited,” said Jones, who played tennis, volleyball, badminton and slo-pitch this year. “I was hoping to win it.”

A full list of winners was as follows:

Josh DiCarlo and Reese Jones were named Top Male and Top Female Athletes of the Year.





MOST DEDICATED AWARD – Payton Laing, Tyler Tofflemire

ATHLETE-PLUS AWARD – Tate Levesque, Linden Crain

SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD – Carly Renaud, Spencer Hawkins

SPIRIT AWARD – Matt Belanger

TOP JUNIOR MALE ATHLETES — Matteo Palumbo, Max Jones, Nathan Maxey, Ty Queen, Emmitt Rosati

TOP JUNIOR FEMALE ATHLETES — Danielle Brindley, Lexi Dodds, Abby Orchard, Allison Dufour, Emma MacVoy

General Amherst High School’s top athletes were honoured last Thursday night including major award winners. Top row, from left: Max Jones, Emmitt Rosati, Matt Belanger, Matteo Palumbo, Nathan Maxey, Lexi Dodds, Allison Dufour, Abby Orchard, Linden Crain. Bottom row (from left): Sebastian Hebert, Reese Jones, Brooklyn Prescott, Payton Laing, Carly Renaud, Josh DiCarlo, Tyler Tofflemire, Spencer Hawkins and Tate Levesque.


GOLF – Josh DiCarlo (Lowest Scoring Average)

CROSS COUNTRY – Tyler Rowles (Top Performer), Tyler Tofflemire (Award of Excellence)

TENNIS – Reese Jones (MVP), Matteo Palumbo (Most Dedicated

FOOTBALL – Levi Reaume (Offensive Player of the Year), Spencer Hawkins (Defensive Player of the Year), Bryce Dougan (Lineman of the Year), Matt Belanger (Most Dedicated Player)

GIRLS BASKETBALL – Lexi Dodds (MVP), Brooklyn Prescott (Most Dedicated)

BOYS BASKETBALL – Sebastian Hebert (MVP)

BOYS HOCKEY – Josh DiCarlo (Offensive MVP), Jorden Meyer (Defensive MVP)

GIRLS HOCKEY – Carly Renaud (MVP), Emily Pontini (Corey Meloche Memorial Award)

CURLING – Kylie Parent (Sportsmanship Award)

WRESTLING – Tate Levesque (MVP)

DANCE – Alyssa Jones (Most Dedicated)

GYMNASTICS – Mackenzie Bauer (MVP), Chelsey Deslippe (Rookie of the Year)

GIRLS VOLLEYBALL – Reese Jones, Bryanna France (Awards of Excellence)

GIRLS SLO-PITCH – Brooklyn Prescott (MVP), Alexis DiCarlo (Rookie of the Year)

BADMINTON – Josh DiCarlo (Top Male Player), Jaycie Stanek (Top Female Player)

GIRLS SOCCER – Breana Farias (Coaches Award), Jenna Fiala (MVP)

BOYS SOCCER – Kieron Sweet (Offensive MVP), Griffin Muzzin (Defensive MVP)

BOYS BASEBALL – Sebastian Hebert (MVP), Colton Taylor (Coaches Award)

TRACK AND FIELD – Sydney Doyle (Coaches Award), Tyler Tofflemire (Award of Excellence)


Principal Melissa DeBruyne spoke about how students and young people in general can learn from sports. Growing from adversity and difficult times can help young people as they go through life.

“It makes you a stronger person,” said DeBruyne.

Greg Scott, physical education department head, congratulated the Grade 12 players who are graduating and encouraged returning athletes such as the junior-aged players to seize the opportunities put before them.

“One of the things we pride ourselves on at General Amherst is providing opportunities,” said Scott.

General Amherst’s “Run for Rocky” helps promote GSA’s



By Ron Giofu


General Amherst High School hit the streets last Thursday to help raise funds and awareness for its Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) as well as GSA’s in other local high schools.

The “Run for Rocky” came to Amherstburg after five years of being in Windsor. Money raised will go to a project fund in memory of Rocky Campana, with funds being accessible to any school to tap into for guest speakers, library materials and other projects.

The event included a 5K run/walk from the school that saw the route cut through Toddy Jones Park, go down Dalhousie St. to the Blue Haven Motel and then return.

Rob Campana, Rocky’s father, said he and his wife Nancy envisioned local schools picking up the torch after they committed to running the event in Windsor for the first five years. He said they wanted it to become “a legacy project” and have individual schools pick it up.

During its five years in Windsor, Campana said that General Amherst either raised the most money or had the most students participate in four of the five years.

General Amherst High School presented its own “Run for Rocky” last Thursday. Students and staff cut through Toddy Jones Park en route to Dalhousie St. for the 5K run/walk. In the foreground running are principal Melissa DeBruyne and teachers Dan Campana and Lisa Voakes.

“General Amherst has been unbelievable from the beginning thanks to (physical education and leadership class teacher) Greg Scott,” said Campana. “This is no surprise to us that Greg has carried the torch with the students and did this run. Hopefully this inspires other schools to do the same thing.”

The biggest thing the “Run for Rocky” does, Campana believes, is create awareness of GSA’s. Campana said GSA’s keep students safe and educated. He recalled Rocky being pleased when GSA’s became mandated.

“He did have difficulties in high school being a gay man,” he said.

Educating adults and educators is another one of the goals for “Run for Rocky,” Campana added.

“It’s all about educating people,” he said.

People in the LGBT community are “no different that you or I,” he added.

Campana told the students that “it doesn’t matter who you love, just love each other.”

“It’s a tough enough world,” said Campana. “Let’s start coming together and loving each other.”

Rob Campana (far right), father of Rocky Campana, addresses the Run for Rocky participants outside of General Amherst High School last Thursday.

Scott said the event was run by his fitness and leadership class and the General Amherst GSA. When the event ended in Windsor, “we decided we wanted to run one here.” It could become an annual event but in its first year in Amherstburg, at least half of the General Amherst population signed up with additional members of the public joining as well.

Scott told the RTT late Friday afternoon that the event raised $1,400, “which will go to the Run for Rocky Legacy Project which helps support and fund high school GSA programs.”

Jenna Fiala, a student in the fitness and leadership class, noted there is a family connection as well as Rocky’s uncle Dan Campana is a teacher at General Amherst High School.

“I think this is a good event we organized at our school,” said Fiala, adding they also oversaw food preparation, safety precautions and event management in addition to promoting the GSA.

“It’s good to see how many people are supportive of what’s going on in the community,” added Karlie Simon, a Grade 9 student who is a member of the GSA.

Trevor Klundert, a guidance counsellor and faculty advisor to the GSA, said having about half of the school sign up shows great enthusiasm for the cause.

“From the GSA’s perspective, we’d like to do it annually,” he said.

The subject of sexual orientation sometimes carries a stigma, particularly in a small town, said Klundert, but that is not the case in Amherstburg as he said the community is very supportive. A number of former students supported the “Run for Rocky” as well, he pointed out.

Klundert added the GSA wants students to be comfortable if they come out as being gay so that they can be the students that they want to be. One of the messages from the event was that “every face you see in the run supports you, loves you and has your back,” he said.


General Amherst bringing “Run for Rocky” to Amherstburg



By Ron Giofu


The “Run for Rocky,” a fundraising event for local high school Gay-Straight Alliances (GSA’s), is coming to Amherstburg.

After five years of the event being in Windsor, where April 9 is Run for Rocky Day, General Amherst High School is hosting their own event April 26. Teacher Greg Scott, whose fitness and recreation leadership class is helping to organize the event, said the Campana family’s five-year commitment to run the event is over but they hope it will continue in school communities. The event is in memory of Rocky Campana.

“Their thought was that individual schools would do something on their own,” said Scott. “We decided to keep the run going and give it a try at our school.”

Linden Crain, student parliament prime minister, said it will involve not only General Amherst students, but students from Amherstburg Public School as well. The general public is also invited to drop by the school and donate or show up the day of the event and take part.

“It’s a minimum $5 pledge,” said Crain. “Any other donations are greatly appreciated.”

Rocky’s father Rob Campana is expected to attend the April 26 event. Rocky’s uncle Dan is a teacher at General Amherst High School.

Proceeds will go towards a project fund with GSA’s from any school able to tap into that fund to help pay for guest speakers, library materials and other projects. Trevor Klundert, a guidance counsellor at General Amherst and the GSA staff liaison, said the next national GSA conference will be in New Brunswick and funds could be used to help pay for travel to that event.

“Even though it’s taking place in Amherstburg, it helps other schools too,” Crain said of the local Run for Rocky.

Student parliament prime minister Linden Crain and Karlie Simon, a member of General Amherst’s Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) stand near a poster promoting the GSA and the Run for Rocky. General Amherst High School is teaming with Amherstburg Public School to hold a Run for Rocky 5K event April 26.

Karlie Simon, one of the five Grade 9 students in the General Amherst GSA, said the event will also showcase what GSA’s can do and promote what they are and how they help. She said people don’t have to be from the LGBTQ community to help out. Klundert added that the April 26 event will also show students who may not have come out yet that other students “have their back” and will make it more comfortable to let them be who they want to be at school.

The 5K run/walk will start next to the high school and proceed to Toddy Jones Park. It will then go down Dalhousie St. to Front Road South (near the Blue Haven Motel) before coming back. There will be food and music at the start/finish area.

“We’re keeping things to the sidewalks,” explained Scott, adding they don’t plan on asking for any road closures.

The event will run from 12:30-2 p.m. April 26.

According to the Run for Rocky website (, “Run for Rocky was a charity run/walk that took place in Windsor, Ontario for five years which was inspired by Rocky Campana who passed away in 2012 after attempting to take his own life. The Campana Family, along with the Windsor Pride Community, Education and Resource Centre, wanted to share Rocky’s story. Through their collaboration, they have been able to fund GSAs in the local high school and post-secondary school systems, ensuring that parents, educators and youth have the knowledge and funding needed to help create Safe Schools, and creating a support system for youth in times of crisis. Rocky paved the path to make a difference while living, and the Run for Rocky Legacy Fund will continue to make a significant difference in his absence for years to come.”

General Amherst, Amherstburg GM team up to raise $10,000 for school



By Danica Skakavac


For the third year in a row, General Amherst has raised the maximum amount of $10,000 in the Buick Drive for Your students test drive event.

The announcement was posted via Twitter, proudly stating that General Amherst once again raised the maximum amount of money. The cheque presentation occurred at the school June 13.

The first time this event was held was in October 2015. The $10,000 that was raised at the May 13 event at Amherstburg GMC Buick will go towards funding for many of the school clubs and organizations, depending on what club participating students and adults were representing or wanted their money to go towards. There is a variety of different programs and any club or program was open for people to donate to. People had the option of donating their $20 to the program, club or sports team of their choice.

A Buick Drive for your Students event at Amherstburg GMC raised $10,000 for General Amherst, with the cheque being presented last Tuesday. Back row (from left): Amherstburg GM finance manage Doug Davis, service manager Don Butcher, teacher Greg Scott, Amherstburg GM co-owners Scott Elliott and Mike Bezzoubkin. Students in the front with cheque are Jackie Wismer, Brooklyn Prescott, Noah Barron, Emily Pontini and Carly Renaud.

A Buick Drive for your Students event at Amherstburg GMC raised $10,000 for General Amherst, with the cheque being presented last Tuesday. Back row (from left): Amherstburg GM finance manage Doug Davis, service manager Don Butcher, teacher Greg Scott, Amherstburg GM co-owners Scott Elliott and Mike Bezzoubkin. Students in the front with cheque are Jackie Wismer, Brooklyn Prescott, Noah Barron, Emily Pontini and Carly Renaud.

Programs, clubs and sports teams that will get a piece of the pie include parent council, girls basketball, boys soccer, boys hockey, girls hockey, senior football, fit spirit run, the band, the prom, girls volleyball, boys basketball, girls slo-pitch, student council, eco-club, Doghouse Drama, track and field, curling, golf, dance, tennis, wrestling, boys baseball and senior boys volleyball.

Typically, not a lot of students show up but it is not uncommon to see a grade twelve student participating and sometimes even former students or those who were involved in coaching in the programs, said teacher Greg Scott. Fifteen of Scott’s fitness and leadership students put on the event.

Scott added the event usually gets a lot of support and action from the community, mainly parents whose children attend the school and are part of an extra-curricular activity.

“The best part of the event was seeing the number of people from the community who continue to get involved with the school and are always interested in helping the school raise the money. They allow our school to be as successful as it is,” said Scott. “I’d like to thank the people of Amherstburg for coming out and supporting the event again.”

Scott Elliott, owner of Amherstburg GMC Buick with business partner Mike Bezzoubkin, said they have now helped raise $35,000 through Buick test drive events for General Amherst High School.

The next Buick Drive for Your Students test drive event is scheduled for Oct. 14.

General Amherst High School recognizes top student athletes



By Ron Giofu


General Amherst High School has paid tribute to its top athletes from the 2016-17 school year.

The school’s annual athletic banquet was held last Thursday evening at the Ciociaro Club in Oldcastle with athletes from their individual sports honoured as well as the top athletes overall.

The biggest two awards of the evening were the top female and top male athlete of the year awards. Megan Wismer was named General Amherst’s top female athlete and it was an award she was somewhat surprised to receive.

“I wasn’t really expecting it,” she admitted after the banquet.

That said, Wismer was happy to be named this year’s recipient.

“It feels really good to know all of the hard work that I’ve been putting in over the years has been noticed and has paid off,” she stated.

Brock Beaudoin was named the school’s top male athlete.

“I feel pretty good,” said Beaudoin. “I’m kind of surprised I got it.”

Beaudoin said he worked hard and was also pleased to receive his award.

“It’s an honour to be chosen top male athlete,” said Beaudoin. “I feel proud of my accomplishment.”

General Amherst High School held its 2016-17 athletic awards banquet last Thursday evening at the Ciociaro Club. Major award winners included (top row, from left): Shayne Purdy, Ruben Tar, Cole Zelle, Brock Beaudoin, Ethan Hamelin and Abby Orchard. Bottom row (from left): Danielle Brindley, Emma Blanchette, Jackie Wismer, Megan Wismer and Vanessa Pidutti.

General Amherst High School held its 2016-17 athletic awards banquet last Thursday evening at the Ciociaro Club. Major award winners included (top row, from left): Shayne Purdy, Ruben Tar, Cole Zelle, Brock Beaudoin, Ethan Hamelin and Abby Orchard. Bottom row (from left): Danielle Brindley, Emma Blanchette, Jackie Wismer, Megan Wismer and Vanessa Pidutti.




SPIRIT AWARD – Jackie Wismer



MOST DEDICATED ATHLETE – Shayne Purdy and Nia Holmes



TOP MALE JUNIOR ATHLETES – Josh DiCarlo, Lee Sinasac, Brayden LeClerc, Tyler Bratt, Ethan Hamelin

TOP FEMALE JUNIOR ATHLETES – Ramie Tytgat, Abbey Gibb, Vanessa Pidutti, Danielle Brindley, Abby Orchard


Megan Wismer was named top female athlete while Brock Beaudoin was named top male athlete at General Amherst’s athletic award banquet.

Megan Wismer was named top female athlete while Brock Beaudoin was named top male athlete at General Amherst’s athletic award banquet.



Lowest Scoring Average – Marcus Slipchuk



Most Dedicated Male – Tyler Tofflemire

Most Dedicated Female – Mya Palumbo



Most Valuable Player – Reese Jones

Rookie of the Year – Matteo Palumbo



Offensive Player of the Year – Mitchell Wright

Defensive Player of the Year – Spencer Hawkins

Coaches’ Award – Ellis Rosati

Most Valuable Player – Shayne Purdy



Award of Excellence – Ruben Tar



Most Valuable Player – Gracie Clifford

Most Improved – Nia Holmes



Most Valuable Player – Darius Wilson

Outstanding Leadership – Nate Lovell



Rookie of the Year – Jacob Fields

Most Valuable Player – Reid Stieler



Most Valuable Player – Megan Wismer

Corey Meloche Leadership Award – Emily Hamelin



Most Dedicated – Aliyah Allard



Most Dedicated – Nathan Charron

Most Improved – Katie McEvoy



Award of Excellence – Jackie Wismer, Emma Blanchette



Most Valuable Player – Megan Wismer

Rookie of the Year – Danielle Brindley



Top Male – Colton Renaud

Top Female – Reese Jones



Coaches’ Award – Emma Blanchette

Most Valuable Player – Vanessa Pidutti



Offensive MVP – Michael Nasello

Defensive MVP – Nathan Salvati



Most Valuable Player – Mitchell Wright

Rookie of the Year – Trent Kelly



Top Performer – Abbey Gibb

Award of Excellence – Nia Holmes


General Amherst principal Hazel Keefner thanked the coaches and teachers who helped guide the athletes through the years, noting there wouldn’t be sports teams without them. Parents were also thanked for driving players to practices and games and supporting their children.

Keefner also thanked the athletes themselves and said while some were recognized, all were winners for taking part in athletics.

“You are smart for figuring out that participating in sports are a wonderful thing, not just for physical well-being but for mental well-being,” said Keefner.

Greg Scott, head of General Amherst’s athletic department, also thanked the coaches, parents and teachers.

“It’s because of these people that you have these sports teams,” Scott told the audience.