Gibson Gallery. Vivian Klinck

“Ditches and Faces of Essex County” on exhibit at the Gibson Gallery



By Ron Giofu


A pair of friends and artists teamed up for the latest exhibit at The Gibson Gallery.

Vivian Klinck and Trudy Dempsey, who paint together at least three days per week, have teamed up for “Ditches and Faces of Essex County.” There was a reception for the exhibit last Sunday afternoon and it runs through Aug. 26.

Klinck provided the “ditches” portion of the exhibit. She said she has lived in the area for over 50 years and for much of that time, didn’t realize the beauty around her. However, she likes to see the beauty in things that are not so beautiful to the naked eye and she put a call out to friends and family to send her photos of ditches in the area.

“I take the ditches and make them into a piece of art,” she said. “I started to create the ‘Ditches of Essex County.’”

Klinck has been painting ditches for about a year but she has been an artist for much longer. She began drawing as a child then branched into painting about 30 years ago.

“I’m self-taught because I’m stubborn,” she said with a laugh.

Vivian Klinck (left) and Trudy Dempsey are co-presenting their “Ditches and Faces of Essex County” exhibit now through Aug. 26 at the Gibson Gallery.

Dempsey contributed the “faces” part of the exhibit.

“I like doing portraits,” said Dempsey. “That’s pretty much what I’ve stuck with.”

Dempsey decided to go into the exhibit because she can show a work-in-progress painting of Mayor Aldo DiCarlo that she wanted to paint. She said she has also painted former Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis.

“I just love portraits. I drew faces as a kid. I just love it,” said Dempsey.

Klinck expressed interest in doing an exhibit at the Gibson Gallery and invited Dempsey to be part of it. The rest is history.

“Vivian and I work together. We call each other the painting sisters,” said Dempsey. “We paint together often. It’s a great collaboration. We see each other a lot.”

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