General Amherst High School

Lady Gens bounce back with win after losing previous two matches



By Ron Giofu


The General Amherst Lady Gens senior girls volleyball team responded well in their match last week against Sandwich after they had suffered two straight defeats.

The Lady Gens (7-2) knocked off the visiting Sandwich Sabres two sets to one, winning 25-10- 25-19 and 20-25 last Thursday afternoon. That snapped a two-game losing streak as they had been defeated two days earlier at Villanova by scores of 25-11, 25-17 and 25-20.

“I liked our level of play,” said assistant coach Mary Ewer.
Ewer said “there’s still room for improvement” and believed they took advantage of a team last Thursday that wasn’t ready to play. She believed the Lady Gens’ effort was better against Sandwich as they played better collectively and “picked each other up” better than they have been in their more recent games.

General Amherst’s Elyssa Grondin (10, right) hits the ball over the net during last Thursday’s win.

“I liked their whole demeanor today on the court,” she said. “Hopefully we have turned the corner from the other two matches we lost.”

Head coach Jeff Miller was also encouraged by what he saw.

“We came out and had a good start,” he said. “We served really well and put their receiver under a lot of pressure.”

The Lady Gens also played solid defense, Miller added, and forced a lot of errors.

Against Villanova, who is undefeated in WECSSAA Tier 1 play this season, Miller conceded the better team won.

“We were shorthanded a bit,” said Miller. “We didn’t play well. They played well. Villanova outplayed us and deserved to win the game.”

Miller still believes the Lady Gens are a “work in progress” and “there’s still things we can get a little bit better at.”

Bulldogs still looking for first win in WECSSAA Tier 2 basketball



By Ron Giofu


The General Amherst Bulldogs senior boys basketball team is still searching for its first win in WECSSAA Tier 2 league play after another loss last week.

The Bulldogs are now 0-6 in WECSSAA play, not counting tournaments, after a 51-39 loss to Cardinal Carter last Tuesday night at General Amherst. The Bulldogs had a 21-16 halftime advantage but Cardinal Carter outscored Amherst 16-5 in the third quarter to pull away for the victory.

Matteo Palumbo had 13 points while Riley Sesto scored ten for General Amherst.

“(Cardinal Carter) started hitting three (pointers) and we didn’t have an answer,” said General Amherst coach Frank Palumbo. “It was just frustrating.”
Palumbo believes the team could build momentum once they find a way to get a victory.

Matthew Wismer (35) drives to the basket during Amherst’s loss to Cardinal Carter last Tuesday night.

“You need success. Success breeds success,” he said. “Until they can taste victory, it makes it difficult.”

The Bulldogs have a young team, but Palumbo still would like to see some results on the floor.

“They are young, but sooner or later we can’t use that as an excuse,” he said.

Cardinal Carter is a good team, he added, but would like to see his team play with more belief in themselves.

“It’s confidence. It’s confidence in the shot,” he said. “When the shot is not there, attack the basket and have the confidence to do that.”

The Bulldogs have only eight players on the senior basketball team this season and Palumbo is happy with their overall effort.

“They come out and practice and work hard,” he said. “They’re improving. That’s all you want.”

General Amherst’s next game is on the road Jan. 31 at UMEI.

Local student helps give back to other youth



Special to the RTT


A local high school student has done her part to assist other youth.

Marisa Levy, a Grade 11 student at General Amherst High School, helped put together care packages for teenagers in need and distributed them during the recent holiday season.

“From a very young age, I’ve always wanted to give back to my community,” said Levy. “I’m fortunate to have had amazing Christmas’ each and every year, and I think it’s an extremely important event for everybody in Amherstburg an opportunity to experience.”

Marisa Levy recently helped teenagers in need with care packages. (Special to the RTT)

Levy indicated it is a family tradition that she is continuing.

“My grandmother has been putting together care packages for teenagers for as long as I’ve been alive,” she said. “Her hard work and selflessness inspired me to start the program in Amherstburg.  My family, and a few of our close family friends have taken months collecting donations from local businesses, couponing, and gathering all of our materials.”

Levy stated that she has aspirations of studying biomedical science at Queens University as an undergraduate degree.

Special Olympics hockey game sees police battle General Amherst



By Ron Giofu


Special Olympics Ontario will benefit from a charity hockey game that was held at the Libro Centre before the holidays.

General Amherst High School’s boys hockey team faced off against the Amherstburg Police Service team, though the latter contained officers from other departments as well as family members and supporters. The police team also featured the services of Amherstburg Admirals’ co-owner Wes Ewer and General Amherst principal Melissa DeBruyne.

Mike Cox, the long-time Amherstburg police officer who was also a major part in Special Olympics fundraising over the years, said with the exception of about a three or four year period after the former AMA Arena closed and the Libro Centre opened, the game has been going on for “as long as I can remember.”

The Amherstburg police team and the General Amherst boys hockey team gather for a group photo following their charity hockey game for Special Olympics Dec. 21.

Over the past number of decades, the police played the fire department, the Admirals, General Amherst and even the Detroit Red Wings alumni. He thanked his colleagues for helping out and taking over much of his former duties in organizing Special Olympics fundraisers including Nick D’Amore, Don Brown and Melissa Taylor.

One of the fond memories Cox had included the year two-time Olympic gold medalist Meghan Agosta played for the high school team.

“It’s not often you get to skate with someone who has a couple of gold medals,” said Cox. “She’s such a good person, just a fantastic person.”

Raising money for Special Olympics has long been a love for Cox, and is something he plans on continuing in his post-policing career.

“If we can raise a few dollars to support the cause, it’s something we love to do,” said Cox. “I’ll still be involved with Special Olympics and the Essex County Heroes.”

General Amherst boys hockey team coach Pat Garrett (left) presents an award to Mike Cox in recognition of Cox’s service to the school community.

Cox is hopeful the Special Olympics hockey game continues under the Windsor police banner.

“It’s the community. That’s what it’s all about,” he said. “The more contact with police only makes for a better community.”
General Amherst head coach Pat Garrett, who presented Cox with a plaque in recognition for his service over the years, said it was a great cause the team and school were happy to be part of.

“I think it was a fun day,” said Garrett, noting the work put in by fellow teacher Greg Scott’s fitness and recreational leadership class to make it happen.

Garrett noted DeBruyne was also supportive of the event, adding that honoring Cox “was very important.”

For more photos from the game, please visit our Facebook photo album.

Grade 8 Night at General Amherst sees strong attendance



By Ron Giofu


Grade 8 students from around the area converged on General Amherst High School with the local public high school showing them what the school has to offer.

Grade 8 Night was held recently with students welcomed to the building and given a tour with information given on the various courses and programs offered. Principal Melissa DeBruyne was pleased with the turnout.

“I felt like it was very well attended,” she said. “The comments I got back from families was that it was a family school, a close knit community school.”

Demonstrations were held during Grade 8 night at General Amherst High School, including in the school’s science department.

“People liked the school spirit,” added vice principal Bonnie Desjardins, noting many staff and students were dressed in the school’s black and gold colours.

DeBruyne said there were a lot of current General Amherst students on hand to help with all of the departments having displays of what they offer. Food was prepared, shop and technology classes were active, business presentations were made and other activities available to let prospective students know what they can expect if they enrol at General Amherst High School. Many students were intrigued by presentations from the mathematics department, she stated.

“The biggest thing is that we’re a family school and a community school,” said DeBruyne.

Desjardins pointed out the communication technology students prepared an introductory video about General Amherst. That video has now been made available on YouTube.

The General Amherst band performed at the recent Grade 8 open house. (Photo by Wyatt Trudelle)

The fact there is a new building on the way, to be built on the southern 15 acres of Centennial Park, wasn’t a huge selling point, she added. DeBruyne stated that a new building won’t alter the fact that General Amherst High School is a community school.

“I don’t think it will change who we are,” said DeBruyne. “A fancy new building doesn’t change what we do for kids.”

The current enrolment at General Amherst High School is 626 students.