County Road 18

CWATS Celebration held in Amherstburg



By Ron Giofu


Children and adults alike are being urged to limit their screen time and get some exercise and one of the ways to do that was celebrated recently.

The County-Wide Active Transportation System (CWATS) held its fifth annual celebration in Amherstburg with students from Amherstburg Public School joining town and county representatives in walking through Toddy Jones Park and Fort Malden National Historic Site.

Jane Mustac, manager of transportation planning and development with the County of Essex, noted one of the partners is the Healthy Kids Community Challenge and that the CWATS Celebration falls in line with the current goal to “power off and play.”

The aim is to have people “rediscover bikes and the outdoors and limit their screen time.”

Const. Steve Owen of the Amherstburg Police Service conducts a safety demonstration with Amherstburg Public School students during the recent CWATS celebration in Toddy Jones Park.

There has been a lot to celebrate over the past five years, she believed. Some of the recent initiatives that have been undertaken in Amherstburg have included trails and bike paths on Meloche Road and Texas Road and paved shoulders on County Road 18 from Meloche Road to Howard Ave.

The County Road 18 will eventually see paved shoulders all the way to Walker Road, said Mustac.

“This is stop six,” Mustac added, as CWATS presentations were also held in Tecumseh, Kingsville, Leamington, Essex, LaSalle and Lakeshore.

Other partners included ERCA, Bike Windsor-Essex, Tourism Windsor-Essex Pelee Island, the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit, all local municipalities, Amherstburg police, Ambassador Bicycles and Communities in Motion.

“Everyone is here for the same mandate,” said Mustac.

People in attendance in Amherstburg also learned how to maintain their bicycles and how to safely ride them with healthy snacks being served at the walk’s conclusion.

Two culvert replacements to occur in rural Amherstburg



By Ron Giofu


A pair of culvert replacements will be taking place in Amherstburg.

The County of Essex will be replacing a concrete box culvert on County Road 20 over the Concession 7 South drain this summer. Director of Infrastructure Services/County Engineer Tom Bateman said the other will be in Kingsville, specifically on County Road 27 over the Cottam Outlet Drain.

“Both of them are full replacements of existing box culverts,” said Bateman.

The roads will have to be closed when the work is going on, he added. Both projects are anticipated to take three weeks.

The County Road 20 project in Amherstburg was awarded to Southshore Contracting Inc. for a total tender amount of $397,325 plus HST. The engineer’s estimate was $490,000.

Southshore Contracting Inc. also received the Kingsville project, with that being slightly over budget. The tender amount was $467,888 plus HST with the engineer’s estimate being $420,000.

“We can accommodate the variances within our overall program,” said Bateman.

A map, provided by the Town of Amherstburg, shows where the culvert replacement will be taking place on Howard Ave. starting July 3.

The town will be undertaking a culvert replacement on Howard Ave. early next month. The town advises that, starting July 3, a culvert just south of County Road 18 will be replaced with the construction period lasting an estimated four weeks, weather permitting.

The town advises that no traffic will be permitted through the construction zone. Howard Ave. will remain open to local traffic only up to the road closure for northbound motorists, but will not be permitted through the construction zone.

The Town of Amherstburg reminds residents that during construction traffic disruptions will occur and some delays may be experienced. Please slow down, obey all traffic signage, and follow all posted detour routes.

Shane McVitty, drainage superintendent and engineering co-ordinator with the Town of Amherstburg, said the culvert is part of the 8th Concession Road Drain South with the actual culvert work – approximately $180,000 – being paid for by the county. He said the town is undertaking about $492,000 worth of work on the drain and the culvert is at the bottom portion of the drain.

Those costs include engineering work, McVitty added.

County council approves more tenders for road work



By Ron Giofu


Essex County council has approved further tenders for roadwork later this year.

After already approving a tender a few weeks valued at $1,549,708 plus HST for five road projects involving “cold in-place recycling with expanded asphalt mix,” county council followed that up with another tender for the actual asphalt resurfacing – or “hot mix resurfacing” – for the next phase of those projects.

Those projects under the most recent tender, valued at $4,687,770 plus HST, include the previous five projects among which were the stretch of County Road 18 between Concession 6 South and Howard Ave. and County Road 8 between Howard Ave. and Walker Road.

County Road 18 between Concession 6 South and Howard Ave. is scheduled to be repaved, including paved shoulders, in 2018.

The latest tender for the hot mix resurfacing went to the Mill-Am Corporation. The tender price came in under the engineer’s estimate of $4,718,000.

The County of Essex is also in the midst of rehabilitating the County Road 12 bridge over the McLean Drain, just east of Walker Road. Director of infrastructure services/county engineer Tom Bateman noted the work does require a complete bridge closure.

“The scope of work on this project includes the replacement and repair of the concrete wing walls, repairs to the underside of the concrete bridge deck and abutments as well as pavement preservation. The proposed works will not require a road closure as temporary traffic control signals will be utilized to maintain a single lane of traffic over the bridge for the project’s five-week duration,” Bateman stated in his report to Essex County council.

The County Road 12 bridge project was awarded to Front Construction for a total tender amount of $193,200 plus HST. That is up slightly over the engineer’s estimate of $190,000.


Road and bridge work coming to Amherstburg



By Ron Giofu


Essex County council has approved tenders that will lead to road and bridge work being done in Amherstburg when the warmer weather hits.

County council awarded a tender to Coco Paving Inc. valued at $1,549,708 plus HST for five road projects, two of which impact Amherstburg. The roadwork, described in a report from director of engineering services/county engineer Tom Bateman as “cold in-place recycling with expanded asphalt mix,” will see the pavement redone on County Road 8 between Howard Ave. and Walker Road.

The county performed work on County Road 8 last year between River Canard and Howard Ave.
The second project that impacts Amherstburg will see County Road 18 redone between Concession 6 South and Howard Ave.

Much like County Road 8, County Road 18 also had work done on it last year with that seeing a new road surface and paved cycling lanes put in between Meloche Road and Concession 6 South.

The other three projects that the County of Essex will be doing under this tender include County Road 20 between Dimenna Drive and Kratz Road in Kingsville, County Road 34 between Road 3 and Highway 3 in Kingsville and County Road 46 between Richardson Sideroad and County Road 37 in Lakeshore.

County Road 18 between Concession 6 South and Howard Ave. is scheduled to be repaved, including paved shoulders, in 2018.

There will also be lane restrictions on the Canard River bridge on County Road 20 later this year. Bateman noted that the scope of work on the bridge includes the replacement of the easterly barrier wall.

“The proposed works do not require a road closure,” Bateman stated in his report to county council. “A similar project was undertaken in late 2017 on the west barrier wall system.”

The tender for the bridge work was awarded to Facca Incorporated at a total tender amount of $163,200 plus HST.

“We anticipate starting this work early in the spring,” said Bateman.

Essex County council also voted to dispose of property it owns at 970 County Road 41. Formerly known as the Harrow Yard, it was used since 1999 for equipment storage and part of the traffic signal maintenance operations.

County CAO Rob Maisonville said the Harrow Yard was appraised at $418,000. It is no longer needed since the West End Depot on North Side Road in Amherstburg was commissioned as the new yard combines both the Harrow Yard and the Gesto Yard.

The county will retain the Gesto Yard as it serves as a temporary response post for Essex-Windsor EMS during periods of providing balanced emergency coverage for Amherstburg and Essex.

County approves tender for series of road projects, including some in Amherstburg



By Ron Giofu


Tenders for a series of road projects have been approved by Essex County council.

Director of transportation services/county engineer Tom Bateman confirmed that county council approved a $2.2 million tender – plus HST – from Coco Paving for six road projects. Two of the projects are in Amherstburg with one being County Road 8 between Howard Ave. and the Canard River with the other being County Road 18 between Concession 6 South and County Road 5 (Meloche Road).

The exact nature of the project is a cold in-place recycling with expanded asphalt mix.

Other projects around the county covered by this tender include one on County Road 23, another on County Road 27 and two on County Road 46.

County Road 8 is one of the county road projects that had funds granted early by Essex County council.

County Road 8 is one of the county road projects that had funds granted early by Essex County council.

Bateman said he was not yet sure about start dates for the projects, but he believed it most likely will be in mid-May.  The projects will be done in a pair of phases, Bateman added.

“These roads after being recycled will be paved with new asphalt so there is a step two to the work that follows the recycling,” Bateman told the River Town Times last Thursday. “County Road 18 will receive paved shoulders during the second phase of work.”

The project is strictly the pavement recycling at this point with asphalt overlay to follow, Bateman also pointed out.

Bateman pointed out in his report to county council that the tender results “are aligned with the engineer’s estimate.” The original estimate for the projects were $2.5 million.