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Construction of salt storage facility within new West End Depot approved



By Jolene Perron


A new salt storage facility will be the most recent addition to the West End Depot development, coming in nearly $13,000 under budget.

“We have been redeveloping a West End Depot, we did complete the main building, site mark and the roadway improvements to support this development this year,” director of transportation services/county engineer Tom Bateman told Essex County council. “We assumed possession of the building in mid-June and we’ve been commissioning it and operating out of there at present for some road maintenance. The next component of the project is to construct a salt storage facility.”

Completed main building photographs from the administrative report for the West End Depot Development, as seen in the September 6 County Council meeting agenda.
(Special to the RTT)

Bateman explained, the structure they are contracting out to build on the West End Depot lot, located on North Side Road just east of Howard Ave. in Amherstburg, measures 80-feet by 120-feet. It will be a fabric covered done built on a reinforced concrete wall system, which is similar to what they have at their other depots. It will allow storage for 5,000 tonnes of salt.

“We issued a design-build proposal call utilizing an electronic tendering system,” said Bateman. “We reviewed the tenders and proposals for the clients with specifications and requirements in those proposals and we’re recommending that the tendered design of the salt storage facility in the West End Depot be awarded to Barineti Construction at $362,000 plus HST.”

The most expensive estimate for the project was $461,058.03.

Bateman’s proposal to move forward with Barineti Construction’s estimate was carried.

Funding for this project is included in the 2017 Transportation Services

Department budget.