Candlelit Tour

Fort Malden NHS bringing evening programs to the grounds

By Jolene Perron


“Parks Canada places are gateways to adventure and discovery and Fort Malden is no exception.”

Corrine Ross, site manager at Fort Malden NHS, along with her staff are excited for their October events.

First, they will be offering a Candlelit Tour this Saturday from 6-9 p.m. The tour has a fee of $4.90, and allows visitors to explore the grounds and historic buildings, while listening to lesser-known stories about the site’s history.

“This is a unique opportunity to visit Fort Malden in the crisp fall air with the last glow of the sunset fading over the Detroit River,” said Ross. “Developing new and innovative programs allows more Canadians, including youth and newcomers to Canada, to experience our sites and learn about our history in fun and interactive ways. By building these connections, we can create a community of stewards, people who know and care about these irreplaceable treasures.”

Five days later will be the Haunted Fort tours, put on in partnership with The House Youth Centre. The tours run from Oct. 26-29 from 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m., and Oct. 30 from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

“Visitors will encounter horrifying scenes in the historic buildings as they are guided to each vignette,” said Ross. “We recommend that you leave your little ones at home for this event.”

Fort Malden and The House Youth Centre are once again teaming up for the Haunted Fort Tours later this month (RTT File Photo)

This is the third year The House is assisting in running the tours. Initially, The House ran a haunted house in their basement until Fort Malden presented an opportunity to collaborate. The House is responsible for developing the storylines, decorating and acting in the tours.

Marchand said The House youth have spent a lot of time planning and rehearsing for the Haunted House tours.

“This year’s Haunted Fort will have a slightly different storyline than previous years with some new scenes to keep our guests on their toes,” explained Ashley Marchand, activities coordinator at The House. “My hopes for the Haunted House this year are to provide a fun experience for the members while raising funds for The House. We are also hoping to reach out to people outside of Amherstburg as well.”

Admission for the tour is $9.80 per person with a portion of the proceeds benefiting The House. Tours last about 15 minutes. Tickets must be reserved in advance by calling 519-736-5416.