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Young offender charged after driving stolen vehicle



A male young offender faces a number of charges after he was stopped after allegedly driving a stolen vehicle.

Amherstburg police made a vehicle stop Sunday around 4 p.m. in the 200 block of Lowes Side Road. Police say after running the plate on the vehicle, it was determined to be stolen. The young offender was charged with possession of property obtained by crime, failure to comply with a sentence and possession of a scheduled substance.

Break-ins   Amherstburg police are investigating the theft of a furnace and central air unit stolen from a home under construction in the 100 block of Meadowview. It was reported to police last Saturday and anyone with information is asked to call police or Crime Stoppers.

*A barn in the 1100 block of Concession 2 was entered and garden tools and other small equipment was stolen. Police say it was reported Saturday morning and that the barn was unlocked.


Mischief   A 35-year-old Amherstburg man was charged with mischief after police say he allegedly smashed a window out of a vehicle on Main St. It was reported to police Aug. 7 at 11:10 a.m.

*A home on King St. was egged, police state. It was in the 200 block and there are no suspects at the present time. It was reported to police Monday around 9:45 a.m.


Accidents   A 59-year-old Windsor woman was charged with failing to stop at a red light after a two-vehicle accident at Middle Side Road and County Road 20. The accident occurred last Thursday.

*A 45-year-old Amherstburg woman was charged with failing to drive in marked lane after a two-vehicle crash on Richmond St. It was reported Monday around 7:55 a.m.


Theft   A 16-foot Kevlar Chippewa canoe valued at $2,000 was reported stolen from a dock in the 1000 block of Front Road South. It was reported to police Sunday. There are no suspects but anyone with information is asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers.


Stats   There were 17 traffic-related charges over the past week. There were also 21 911 hang-up calls and nine alarm calls over the past week as well.


-All information courtesy of the Amherstburg Police Service

Amherstburg police investigating after TV swiped from store



The Amherstburg Police Service is investigating the theft of a television from Walmart.

It was reported July 30 that someone took a television valued at roughly $400 and escaped through a fire exit. The suspect got into a Honda vehicle but no plate information was obtained.

The suspect is described as a white male, in his 30’s, and roughly 5’11” tall.

The matter is still under investigation.

*Amherstburg police report that around 10 a.m. on July 30, a garage was entered and fishing tackle was stolen. Police say there was no forced entry. The garage is in the 1100 block of Front Road South.

*A resident on Main St. said a delivery package was stolen from the front of their residence. It was reported last Wednesday around 9:45 a.m. There are no suspects, say police.

*A vehicle was stolen early Tuesday morning from an address in the 400 block of Front Road North. A 2004 two-tone Ford Ranger with a black tailgate was taken. There are no further details at press time and the matter is under investigation.

Fraud   Amherstburg police say a complainant received a call from someone claiming to be a collection agent on behalf of Cash Money. Police say the call was fraudulent and involved claims of an NSF cheque. The victim is concerned her identity may have been stolen, police say. The matter is under investigation.


Break-ins   Amherstburg police report a pair of break-and-enters July 30. One was reported in the 1000 block of Front Road North where suspect(s) came in through an unlocked patio door and stole camera equipment, cash and other personal property. There are no suspects in that incident. It was reported around 6:50 a.m.

The second B&E was in the 7800 block of Howard Ave. It was reported around 2:11 p.m. that a door was broken at a business and a quantity of cash was taken. The matter is also under investigation.


Accidents   Amherstburg police say a 20-year-old male was charged after an accident involving a golf cart on Boblo Island Boulevard around 2:26 a.m. Monday. Police add the male sustained minor injuries and was transported to hospital.

*A 42-year-old Amherstburg man was charged with failing to report an accident July 31. Police say the male was allegedly involved in a single vehicle crash at Dalhousie St. and Front Road South and left the scene.

*A two-vehicle accident on Sandwich St. S. near McCurdy Dr. July 31 resulted in charges to a 20-year-old Windsor male. Police say the man was charged with starting from a parked position not in safety. It was reported July 31 around 8:50 p.m.

*An 18-year-old Amherstburg male was charged with failing to drive in marked lane. Amherstburg police state the accident occurred Monday around 11:55 p.m. on Golfwood Dr. and was a single vehicle accident. There were no injuries.

*A two-vehicle accident on County Road 8 near Concession 6 North resulted in two people transported to hospital with minor injuries. Amherstburg police say a 19-year-old Amherstburg woman was charged with careless driving. It was reported Friday at 12:15 p.m.


Stats   There were 17 911 hang-up calls and eight alarm calls over the last two weeks. There were also 15 traffic-related charges over that same time period.


-All information courtesy of the Amherstburg Police Service


TACCA members visit Amherstburg Freedom Museum


By Jonathan Martin


Around 50 Thornhill African Caribbean Canadian Association (TACCA) members came through town on a large bus with the words “York Regional Police” emblazoned on its side.

The group made the lengthy journey from Thornhill, along the northern border of Toronto, to visit the Amherstburg Freedom Museum.

York Regional Police (YRP) provided the group with transportation as part of its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Bureau programming.  When the police bus arrived at the site, the Amherstburg Police Service was there to greet its brother and sisters in blue.

Amherstburg mayor Aldo DiCarlo speaks with TACCA president Vernon Hendrickson at the Amherstburg Freedom Museum.

“York region is a microcosm of the world,” said YRP Superintendent #545 Ricky Veerappan.  “A lot of the work we do as a bureau is outreach and learning about how best to serve a very multicultural community.”

According to official 2016 figures, 49 per cent of the population of York Region were visible minorities.  In 2016, Amherstburg’s visible minorities made up 3.5 per cent of the population.

Vernon Hendrickson is one of York Region’s minorities.  He’s also the president of TACCA.

He said he believes Canada can be made better by focusing on shared experiences and developing mutual understandings.

“That’s why we decided not just to read about what happened here, but to see it for ourselves,” he said.

Amherstburg Freedom Museum assistant curator Lorene Bridgen-Lennie said that she believes Hendrickson is on the right track.

“There were different stories for different groups in different regions,” she said.  “The experiences (of African Canadians) in Toronto may have been different than those here in Amherstburg.”

Hendrickson said he was especially impressed by the Nazrey African Methodist Episcopal Church.

“It is so striking that slaves found their ways to freedom and the first thing they do is build such a breathtaking church,” he said.

Const. Nick D’Amore of the Amherstburg Police Service poses for a photo beside Const. Nina Rahravan of the York Regional Police. The two police services met up when the York Regional Police escorted the Thornhill African Caribbean Canadian Association (TACCA) to the Amherstburg Freedom Museum earlier this month.

The Nazrey AME Church was built in 1848 by a mix of former slaves and free blacks.  The congregation, however, was founded a couple decades earlier by African American refugees.

The church was used as a sanctuary space on the underground railroad, where escaping slaves could rest and regroup on the long road to freedom.

“I think it’s important to touch on what happened after the underground railroad, too,” Bridgen-Lennie said.  “The history doesn’t just stop once people reached Canada.  There was this amazing life people build in places like Amherstburg – and Toronto – so it’s important to learn about that too.”

“We have such a proud history in Amherstburg,” said Amherstburg mayor Aldo DiCarlo, who greeted the group personally and presented them with an official letter of welcome on behalf of the town. “I think sometimes it’s good to see our history through the eyes of a visitor and be reminded just how spectacular it really is.”




OCPC approves town’s request to switch policing to Windsor



By Ron Giofu


It is now official – the Windsor Police Service will be patrolling Amherstburg.

The Ontario Civilian Police Commission (OCPC) has approved the town’s request to dissolve the existing Amherstburg Police Service and contract policing services to Windsor. The OCPC released its decision late Thursday.

“The Commission consents to the Application by the Town and consents to the abolition of the Amherstburg Police Service subject to the following conditions,” the decision from the OCPC read. “The Town must deliver to the Commission a signed copy of the contract with the City of Windsor which substantially implements the proposal” and “written confirmation from the (Amherstburg Police Services) Board that an agreement as to severance pay has been made with any member of the Amherstburg Police Service whose employment is terminated as a result of the abolition. Failing such an agreement, the Town must provide written confirmation to the Commission that an agreement has been made with such members that any severance pay dispute will be referred to arbitration. If no such agreements are made within 120 days of (July 26), the Commission will order that all remaining severance pay disputes will be referred to arbitration.”

The decision by the OCPC came exactly one month after public hearings were held at the Libro Centre where the majority of residents who spoke came out against the switch. It also came one day before the nomination period for the 2018 municipal election closed.

According to a press release issued by the Town of Amherstburg, the Windsor Police Service proposal “proposes that it will deliver significant financial savings to the Town while maintaining and enhancing the current levels of service delivery, building on the exceptional commitment of the APS personal to their home community.”

Amherstburg will incur initial transition costs and then expects to achieve annual cost savings of about $567,000.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo said the proposed transition date of Jan. 1, 2019 still appears to be on track “barring any unforeseen circumstances.”

DiCarlo said the proposal saw Windsor police “copies much of Amherstburg” and its policing model so if it wasn’t approved, it would have made him wonder what the town was doing wrong. However, it was approved and that eliminated any shock factor for him.

“My first reaction is that I’m not surprised,” said DiCarlo. “The issue was adequate and effective policing. I guess it’s a little bit of relief.”

The contract between Amherstburg and Windsor is “good to go,” he added, and he noted the conditions laid out by the OCPC. According to the mayor, there is nothing further that town council has to approve as he said the most recent motion essentially approved the switch pending OCPC approval.

“Council was aware at the time we were getting everything we asked for in the contract,” said DiCarlo.

The issues now are to get started on the transition, he added.

“I think the biggest message at this point is we are still committed to making the transition as seamless as possible and make sure all the parties are taken care of,” said DiCarlo.

Const. Shawn McCurdy, president of the Amherstburg Police Association, was also not taken aback by the decision.

“I’m not surprised,” he told the RTT Friday morning.

McCurdy said knowing the criteria and that the OCPC was looking for adequate and effective policing, he was not shocked by their decision.

“Our next step is going to be making sure every member is dealt with fairly under the law and go from there,” said McCurdy.

That could include looking at the job offers from Windsor, severance pay and any other issue that could arise.

“We’ll take whatever legal action is appropriate under the circumstances,” said McCurdy. “I don’t know what that looks like at this point.”

There has been some “mixed reaction” from the APA membership, he added.

“From our perspective, we’re going to continue to provide adequate and effective policing for the community,” McCurdy stated. “We’ll move forward. We have to.”

The Windsor Police Service issued a press release on the matter late Friday morning.

“The Windsor Police Service is excited about the opportunity to provide policing services for the Town of Amherstburg. The Windsor Police Service is committed to providing the residents of Amherstburg the exceptional service they have come to expect, with numerous enhancements on the horizon,” Windsor Chief Al Frederick stated in the release.

According to Windsor police, “this decision marks the beginning of an important partnership that will benefit the citizens of both Windsor and Amherstburg. Through the dedication of our officers and civilian staff, the Windsor Police Service offers outstanding community support and effective policing within our diverse communities.  Our members, which will include Amherstburg officers and civilian staff, are guided by our vision of making a difference in the communities we serve.”

The Windsor Police Service stated that it would like to “thank the many residents of Amherstburg who shared their opinions on policing and public safety.” Windsor police say the “collective effort brought about a great partnership. Moving forward we will continue to collaborate with the Town and its residents to meet the policing expectations of the community and enhance public safety.”

The Windsor Police Service calls it “an exciting partnership that benefits the entire region.”

Town council voted by a 3-2 vote Feb. 26 to contract policing out to the Windsor Police Service. It will be a 20-year contract with options to review every five years.

(NOTE: This story has been updated from its original version with comments from the Windsor Police Service.)


Numerous mischief complaints reported to vehicles on Balaclava St.



The Amherstburg Police Service is investigating three complaints of mischief to vehicles on Balaclava St.

Police were called to homes on the local street twice on Saturday. One vehicle was damaged due to a rock being thrown at it as it was parked in a driveway, police say. The vehicle sustained a cracked windshield. That call came in around 8:45 a.m.

Later in the day, another vehicle parked on Balaclava was reported to be scratched. Police say it is unclear if the two matters are related. The latter call came in around 1:50 p.m.

There was also a report of soap being put in a gas tank of a vehicle, also on Balaclava St. That was reported to police last Tuesday at 9:35 a.m.

If anyone has information regarding these incidents, they are asked to contact Amherstburg police at 519-736-3622 or Crime Stoppers at 519-258-8477 (TIPS).

Accidents   A pair of separate accidents on Howard Ave. were investigated by Amherstburg police last week. Both occurred last Thursday. A two-vehicle crash on Howard Ave. near Texas Road is under investigation with both drivers sent to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

A separate accident later in that same afternoon resulted in a 30-year-old male charged with failure to yield from a driveway, police say.


Break-in   A break-in to a home in the 200 block of Hamilton Dr. has resulted in a pair of youths being dealt with through the Youth Justice Act. Police say the youths were turned over to their parents. They allegedly gained entry to the home through a window and caused mischief inside the home. It was reported Saturday around 6:15 p.m.


Breach   Amherstburg police were called to Ranta Marina for a report of a male possibly trying to steal a boat. While police determined there was no theft attempted, a 30-year-old LaSalle man was still charged with breaching bail conditions. It was reported to police July 16 around 12:15 a.m.


Possible fraud   Amherstburg police were called to a home on Fort St. for a report of a person receiving a suspicious cell phone bill. The bill came in at over $1,000, police say, and the person believes the bill is fraudulent. Amherstburg police say the matter is under investigation and there are no suspects. It was reported to police last Friday afternoon.


Thefts   Amherstburg police were called to the 100 block of Fort St. where a sticker was missing from a license plate from a vehicle parked at a home. The matter is under investigation and it was reported July 16.

*Two bicycles were reported stolen from a home on Murray St. July 16. The report came in around 8:10 p.m. One of the bikes is a female mountain bike that is light blue. The second bike is a dark red Super Cycle that is dark red. Anyone with information is asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers.


Stats   There were 12 traffic-related stops last week, five 911 hangup calls and ten alarm calls. Police also had a high-risk traffic stop last Tuesday afternoon that is under investigation.


-All information courtesy of the Amherstburg Police Service