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Belle Vue Conservancy goes live with online fundraising



By Ron Giofu


The Belle Vue Conservancy’s fundraising efforts have now gone live online.

There has been a “button” added to the group’s website – located at – where people can now make online donations to the project. The link went live Tuesday night, after the Dec. 7 print issue of the River Town Times had already gone to press.

The direct link is

Belle Vue Conservancy president Shirley Curson-Prue said the group is a partner with the town of Amherstburg and things can move forward now that the town officially owns the historic home.

The town took ownership of Belle Vue Nov. 14.

“You couldn’t do anything until the property was owned by the town,” said Curson-Prue.

Curson-Prue pointed out that donations made towards restoring the Belle Vue Conservancy go through the town’s community foundation.

“We’re not handing out tax receipts,” she explained. “The town is.”

The Belle Vue Conservancy, represented by Curson-Prue, made a delegation before town council in late-October and plans to return with another delegation later this month.

Belle Vue FrontWEB

Through her earlier delegation, it was established that the role of the town will be to exercise due diligence in seeking out opportunities and making application for funding at all levels of government and in the private sector for which the Belle Vue property is deemed eligible.

The role of the Belle Vue Conservancy being to promote opportunities to share the history of Belle Vue and to undertake a planned strategy for fundraising to effect the successful preservation and rehabilitation of the Belle Vue property.

Curson-Prue said the partnership with the town has been great so far.

“It’s been very strong reciprocally to deal with them,” she said.

There are also regular efforts by the town to see when Parks Canada grant funding may become available, said Curson-Prue, with such funding possibly being as much as $1 million in matching funds.

The Belle Vue Conservancy has a new logo, designed and donated by local artist Elio Del Col.

The Belle Vue Conservancy has a new logo, designed and donated by local artist Elio Del Col.

“That means we have to collect $1 million to get $1 million,” explained Michael Prue, the conservancy’s treasurer.

As reported in the Nov. 9 edition of the River Town Times, the group will also be working with artist Peter Rindlisbacher on a fundraiser. Rindlisbacher will be starting a new painting of Belle Vue early in 2017 with the plan being to hang the finished artwork in the refurbished Belle Vue with reproductions available to purchase as a way for the public to help financially support the renovation efforts.

The time period Rindlisbacher will be depicting in the painting will be the 1920’s, with the centre portion and the two wings having been attached. A renovation was done at that point, with one of the wings having been built to house a museum.

“It was done to replicate the way it was in the 1800’s when it was first built,” said Curson-Prue.

There will also be an attempt to start a crowd funding website in February, added Prue.

For those preferring to make donations via cheque, they can be mailed to the Belle Vue Conservancy at 307 Crystal Bay Dr., Amherstburg, ON, N9V 4A6. For further information, call 519-736-6947.