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Indoor air rifle and archery seasons come to a close

The AMA Sportsmen Association hosted another 3D Archery Shoot April 10.

This was the second of five shoots planned for this year. It was a cold, overcast day with snow squalls, so not a perfect day but still 20 adults and eight children braved the weather and came out to shoot at the 30 life-sized 3D life size animal targets. Back at the clubhouse, a continental breakfast and a chicken wing lunch was prepared by Ron and Karen Deslippe of the Sportsmen Club. Our next shoot is May 29. Shooters and their families are welcome and if anyone just wants to come out for lunch, chicken wings or burgers and fries are on the menu from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. This is a good meal (at a good price) so come out and see what the AMA Sportsmen Association is all about. You can also purchase your 33rd Walleye Tournament ticket and sign your kids up for the “Bob Meloche Kid’s Fishing Derby” held June 16. Hope to see you there!

On Monday, April 18, the AMA Sportsmen Association ended their 2015-16 indoor archery season. It was a free night for the kids who shoot on a regular basis, shooters enjoyed a special night with balloons to shoot at. There was also no shooting fees and free pop and chips for all.

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On Wednesday, April 20, the 2015-16 indoor air rifle shooting season wrapped up with a night of free shooting and of coarse free pop and chips for all.

The AMA Sportsman Association would like to thank the parents who brought their kids out every Monday and Wednesday since October 2015. With a special thanks to the coaches and volunteers how gave their time to teach the shooters, to learn and enjoy the skill required to succeed in the sport of indoor archery and air rifle shooting.

In October 2016, the AMA Sportsmen plan to open the clubhouse at 468 Lowes Side Rd. once again every Monday at 7 p.m. for indoor archery and Wednesdays at 7 p.m. for air rifle shooters. Everyone over the age of six is welcome to come out and try these fun and challenging sports. These programs are not just for the kids, as this season many adults joined in every week and enjoyed the challenges in both archery and air rifle.

Follow this paper for exact dates or visit the AMA Sportsmen Association website at

—Prepared by Brian Beattie

Final 3D shoot of the season held by AMA Sportsman Association

Special to the RTT

Sept. 13 was a beautiful sunny day and the AMA Sportsman Association hosted the last 3D Archery Shoot of the 2015 season. This brought out over 30 shooters from ten years old to senior adults.

They came out to take a shot at the 30 life-size targets for fun or to prepare for the upcoming hunting season; their reasons were not important. All of the shooters under 12-years-old received a pin to start building their collection. The adult shooters who did not reach the preset score and earn a pin were winners anyways; they got to spend a day outside with friends or family.
Meanwhile, back at the clubhouse, a fine breakfast and lunch was prepared by a few members of the Sportsman Club and was enjoyed by the shooters and everyone else who dropped by. Our 2016 3D Archery Shoots will start with a shoot on the “Big Buck Sunday” in April 2016. Watch this paper for the date or come out and see us at the club any Saturday.
The AMA Sportsman are getting ready to open their doors once again this year every Monday starting Oct. 19 at 7 p.m. for indoor archery. We welcome all kids from 7 to 16 who are interested in the sport of archery. At 8 p.m. anyone over 16 can shoot.
If you don’t have your own bow don’t worry – we have lots of bows. Don’t worry we will attempt to teach you.
If archery is not for you or your kids come to the club every Wednesday starting Oct. 21 at 7 p.m. and try air rifle shooting.
This is for anyone seven-and-older and adults can come out and give it a try too. All guns, pellets and safety equipment are supplied and as with archery we will attempt to teach you to shoot a air rifle.
What are you waiting for? Get out this fall and winter and try one or both of these great indoor sports. Any questions call the club at 519-736-5706, leave a message and someone will call you back or you can check our website at  The AMA Sportsman Association Club is located at 468 Lowes Side Road.