Parts stolen off of Texas Road vehicle



Amherstburg police are investigating a theft of vehicle parts that was reported Saturday afternoon.

Police say a resident in the 500 block of Texas Road reported that parts were stolen off of their Jeep sometime overnight. The matter is still under investigation and police add the homeowner had video surveillance. It was reported around 4:50 p.m.

Accident   A two-car crash on Simcoe St. resulted in a charge for one driver. Amherstburg police say a 20-year-old LaSalle man was charged with reverse not in safety after allegedly backing out onto the roadway and striking another vehicle. The matter occurred in the 100 block of Simcoe St. May 15 around 11:50 a.m. There were no injuries.


Stats   Amherstburg police there were 24 charges under the Highway Traffic Act and related regulations. There were also 14 911 hang-up calls and nine alarm calls.


-All information courtesy of the Amherstburg Police Service

Amherstburg police continuing to investigate cruiser crash



The Amherstburg Police Service is continuing to investigate a crash involving a police cruiser that took place last Wednesday morning on Howard Ave.

The two-vehicle crash took place near South Side Road and the officer involved sustained two fractures in his neck and one fracture in his back. Police say the officer was treated and released the day of the collision.

The other driver was not injured.

Amherstburg police state the officer’s cruiser was struck by a separate 2006 Pontiac vehicle being driven by a 19-year-old man. According to Amherstburg police, both were northbound and as the officer began to turn to go after a southbound vehicle that was reportedly speeding, the Pontiac G6 and the cruiser collided. The driver of the G6 attempted evasive action by trying to turn away from the cruiser, which minimized the impact between the two vehicles, police add.

The matter is still under investigation.

(UPDATE: Amherstburg police stated Wednesday afternoon that the officer involved has been charged with turn not in safety under Section 142(1) of the Highway Traffic Act. Police say the officer was attempting a U-turn to stop a speeding vehicle when he pulled in front of another northbound vehicle. The emergency lights were activated, police add.)

Impaired driver   Amherstburg police say that a 33-year-old Windsor male was arrested for impaired operation of a motor vehicle after a report of an erratic driver coming through Harrow hitting mailboxes last Wednesday afternoon. The arrested was made on Howard Ave., near County Road 20, at around 3:30 p.m., and the accused was turned over to the OPP.


Threats   A 26-year-old Leamington man was arrested for allegedly uttering threats during a neighbour dispute. It occurred around 4 p.m. last Tuesday in the 200 block of King St.


Outstanding warrants   Amherstburg police arrested a local man after he was allegedly found sleeping on a bench near General Amherst High School. Police add the 21-year-old Amherstburg man was arrested on outstanding warrants. It occurred at approximately 6:20 p.m. April 21.


Breach   A local man was arrested in the early morning hours of Friday for allegedly breaching his release conditions. Police say the 34-year-old Amherstburg man was arrested on Dalhousie St. around 12:30 a.m.


Mischief   Amherstburg police say a 44-year-old Amherstburg male was arrested for mischief after he allegedly kicked in a neighbour’s door. Amherstburg police say the arrest was made Monday around 5 a.m.


Stats   Amherstburg police stated there were 162 total calls for service last week with the 26 traffic-related charges laid.


-All information courtesy of the Amherstburg Police Service

Amherstburg police warning residents of Canada Revenue Agency scam



The Amherstburg Police Service is asking people to be wary of messages received from people claiming to be from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Amherstburg police say a complaint was received by a resident who was contacted by a bogus CRA representative. Police say residents are contacted, often by phone, by people claiming to be from the CRA alleging that the person owes the CRA money and, if it’s not paid, they will be arrested by police. Police say the payment is often demanded in iTunes cards.

Amherstburg police reminds people that they won’t arrest people in such cases and that anyone asking for payment via iTunes cards is not legitimate. The real CRA usually communicates with residents via letter, police add.

Anyone receiving a suspicious call or e-mail can contact the Amherstburg Police Service at 519-736-8559.

Alleged fraud   Amherstburg police are investigating an alleged fraud that occurred at a business in the 150 block of Sandwich St. S. Police say a person bought a coffee with a large bill, allegedly confused the cashier and obtained more change than they were entitled to. The matter occurred last Thursday around 3:15 p.m. and is under investigation.


Theft   Amherstburg police report a theft of an iPhone from a vehicle that was parked in a lot in the 7000 block of Smith Industrial Drive. Police say a window was smashed out of the vehicle in order for the suspect(s) to obtain the iPhone.

Amherstburg police ask that people don’t leave valuables in their vehicles, particularly where others can view them.

The theft is under investigation and there are no suspects. It was reported last Wednesday at approximately 2:10 p.m.


Accidents    There were 12 motor vehicle accidents from April 3-9, but none were reported to have charges. One accident took place shortly after 9 a.m. on Creek Road at South Side Road that required on driver to have to be taken to hospital with minor injuries. Police say the vehicle swerved to avoid another vehicle that was driving erratically and struck a pole. The blue vehicle that was reported to have been driving erratically was not located.


Stats    There were 23 charges laid under the Highway Traffic Act and related regulations last week. That time period also saw police respond to 11 alarm calls and eight 911 hangup calls.


-All information courtesy of the Amherstburg Police Service

Amherstburg police investigating mischief complaint



The Amherstburg Police Service is investigating a mischief complaint that occurred on Bratt Dr. last week

Police say they were called to a home where a vehicle owner discovered the back window had been damaged sometime overnight. The report was made around 6:30 a.m. Thursday.

There are no suspects and anyone with information is asked to contact the Amherstburg Police Service at 519-736-8559 or Crime Stoppers at 519-258-TIPS (8477).

Theft   Amherstburg police is investigating a theft that was reported last Sunday afternoon. Police were called to a home on Meadows Lane for a report of lights being removed from a vehicle. It was reported at approximately 3:45 p.m.

There are currently no suspects and anyone with information is asked to contact Amherstburg police or Crime Stoppers.


Accident   The Amherstburg Police Service were called to a two-vehicle crash on County Road 8 last Wednesday around 7:15 p.m. Minor injuries were reported as a result of the accident. Amherstburg police state that a 24-year-old Amherstburg woman was charged with turning not in safety.


Stats   There were 20 traffic-related charges laid by the Amherstburg Police Service the week of Feb. 20-26. There were five 911 hang-up calls that police responded to during that time period and three alarm calls.


—All information courtesy of the Amherstburg Police Service

Amherstburg police reminding people to stay off private property after snowfalls


The Amherstburg Police Service are again reminding snowmobile operators to stay off of private property unless permission is gained from the land owner.

Police say there were seven calls over the past week of snowmobile operators trespassing on farmland and other private properties. Amherstburg police remind the public that if crops or other property is damaged, the snowmobile operator could face charges.

Also, police responded to several accidents where drivers slid off the road and into ditches. Amherstburg police remind motorists to slow down and adapt to road conditions when winter weather hits.


Trespassing – The Amherstburg Police Service is investigating a break-and-enter that was reported last Thursday evening at the former St. Bernard School. Police say a person tending to the building found that a door was forced open. Nothing was taken from the building, police say, adding that people can still be charged with such offences as trespassing and mischief if caught breaking into buildings like the former elementary school.

Accident – Amherstburg police issued a seven-day license suspension to a 24-year-old Windsor man following a single vehicle accident Sunday around 6 a.m. The accident occurred on Concession 5 North.


Theft – Amherstburg police state a theft from a vehicle was reported last Wednesday around 3:10 p.m. A vehicle owner who parked in the 400 block of Sandwich St. S. reported a handicapped permit was stolen from the vehicle. Police are reminding people to lock their vehicles when the vehicle is unattended.


Fraud – Amherstburg police are conducting an investigation into an ongoing fraud that was reported in the 300 block of McLeod Ave. Police say the allegations centre around false pretenses over contracting work being done at the home. The investigation is still ongoing, police say.


Stats – The Amherstburg Police Service issued 22 provincial offence notices over the past week. There were also 12 911 hang-up calls and six alarm calls that police responded to.


-All information courtesy of the Amherstburg Police Service