305 Dalhousie

Building demolition to “help with accommodations” in Amherstburg

By Ron Giofu


Town council officially gave the go-ahead to demolish the building at 305 Dalhousie St. but it appears that the reason behind it is substantial.

The building, located at the corner of Gore St. and Dalhousie St., will be brought down with plans for the property, according to CAO John Miceli, aligning with the town’s strategic plan. Miceli indicated that the plans “will help with accommodations” in Amherstburg.

When speaking to the media after the meeting, Mayor Aldo DiCarlo didn’t use the word “hotel” but indicated that the town is “extremely close” to making a “major announcement” about plans for the site. He said it was the final step in a process which could come to a conclusion “fairly soon.”

“It’s a private development,” said DiCarlo. “I have to be careful in how much I say.”

DiCarlo said “it’s not a secret” what the town wants in terms of accommodations, and that work has been progressing in that regard.

Town council has authorized the demolition of 305 Dalhousie St. it is part of a project which is said to “help with accommodations” in Amherstburg.

“We were past the ‘if’ stage some time ago,” said DiCarlo. “It really comes down to how quickly we can do this.”

According to a report on Monday night’s agenda from chief building official Angelo Avolio and director of planning, development and legislative services Mark Galvin: “Amico Properties Inc has tabled with administration and the heritage committee a conceptual heritage themed redevelopment proposal for this site that will assist the Town in meeting the desired community objectives of the Community Strategic Plan. Further details will be subject of a future report to council which is anticipated in early summer of 2018.”

The Ontario Provincial Artistic Gymnastics Championships were in Amherstburg earlier this month and that would have been an ideal opportunity to have people stay in town, over and above the existing bed and breakfasts.

“It truly hurt to have people staying anywhere but Amherstburg,” said DiCarlo.

DiCarlo indicated that the town has been fielding multiple proponents to bring overnight accommodations to town.

“It’s been a wonderful process,” he said, believing that having overnight accommodations will help spur further development and interest in the town.