Swinton aims to get a handle on debt, give council “a dose of reality”


Glenn Swinton is making another run at a councillor’s position, also having run in the 2010 election. This year’s election is Oct. 27.

Glenn Swinton is making another run at a councillor’s position, also having run in the 2010 election. This year’s election is Oct. 27.

By Ron Giofu


Glenn Swinton is making another run at a town councillor’s position believing there is “more of the same” that existed since the “last big reveal of our town” four years ago.

“I hear time and time again as I read everyone’s ‘platform’ that they are bringing fiscal responsibility and transparency to the table. I think these are qualities that should be fair to expect from a member of council, not hope for and I would hope that every candidate would anticipate having to meet those expectations from the citizens of Amherstburg,” said Swinton, who also ran in 2010.

Swinton chose to run this year to bring a sense of perspective to the council table.

“Despite many internal debates, I chose to run again this year because I believe our council needs a dose of reality. A realist that can look at things from a reasonably sensible perspective and rationalize with all the parties involved while making solid business decisions,” said Swinton. “I hope to bring some rational thinking to the council table. We are a beautiful waterfront community that should be capitalizing on that. It’s  time we shine in the eye of the public rather than jab it with a stick.”

There is “no quick fix for the enormous pile of debt left behind by the previous mayor and his council,” added Swinton. He said there needs to be a review to find the exact allocations of the town’s budget dollars.

“Before considering a lengthy and expensive audit as some have suggested, it should be considered that we have departments and staff members that should be able to provide clear and decisive answers to some of our financial issues,” said Swinton. “I think it’s time we press our own resources to find those answers. I am a firm believer that if my support staff is not actually supporting me, then perhaps its time to review the performance of such staff.”

Swinton added he wants to “be a part of ensuring our town is progressing with our successes yet holding firm on our restraints against inflated budgets and unnecessary expenses.” Reducing the debt will be time consuming, he warned, noting the town has to continue its day-to-day operations.

“Over the term of the next four years, I would like to review our current budget outlines extensively to ensure we aren’t just funding fiction and work within our commercial sectors to strengthen our ever-fading industry,” he said.

Council unity was another topic Swinton addressed.

“It is important that our council stand united and, although it is impossible to please all the people all the time, there should always be a sensible resolve so no one is feeling left unheard,” said Swinton. “Being the owner of Comfort Zone Construction and CEO of Canadian Coastal Services, both of which are based right here in Amherstburg, I have a vested interested in the success of this town. My children play in these parks and daily we travel these roads. Together we will continue to make this the best town we can.”

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