Sutherland reiterates support of keeping town’s Essex Power shares


Ron Sutherland

Ron Sutherland

By Ron Giofu


Town council rejected the $12 million offer from Entegrus for the town’s 14.25 per cent share of Essex Power and one of the four mayoral candidates is aiming to keep it that way.

Deputy Mayor Ron Sutherland issued a press release Monday where he reiterated his support of keeping the shares.

“In recent months, we have had a big debate in Amherstburg about how to cure the town’s financial problems,” the release stated. “It was suggested by Amherstburg administration that we should sell our shares in Essex Power. Amherstburg administration went to great lengths trying to convince council that we should sell our shares. It was even said that selling our shares would be the ‘savior’ of Amherstburg.”

Sutherland said the next mayor should have “a clear and strong position” on the town’s shares and he said, if elected, that he will not vote to sell the shares.

“Essex Power is a good investment for Amherstburg. Essex Power is our electricity company. We have control over our own electricity delivery,” he stated. “In addition, Essex Power has a diverse group of business interests. Amherstburg is paid dividends annually. We are making a profit on our investment.”

Sutherland added that Essex Power was “set up by people who cared about Amherstburg, who had a long-term vision and who wanted future citizens of Amherstburg to benefit from owning and controlling their own electricity company. I share that vision.”

Asked why he is bringing this issue forward again, Sutherland replied that Essex Power is the only asset making money for the town and believes dividends will increase substantially in the future.

“I just want to unequivocally state my position will not change on Essex Power,” he said.

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