Suspicious male arrested

By RTT Staff

The Amherstburg Police responded to the 1,000 block of Front Road North for a reported suspicious male with a backpack located near a boat dock.

A police investigation revealed that a 25-year-old Albanian national had been smuggled into Amherstburg from the United States by boat.

The male was taken into custody for failing to report Canadian Customs, RCMP were then notified along with Canada Border Services who then took custody of the male.

The Integrated Border Enforcement Team (IBET) has been tasked to follow up the investigation. The party has not been charged with any offences and his name will not be released pending further investigation.

The Amherstburg Police Services and RCMP unveiled a “Water Watch” program in June of this year to educate the public into the signs of human trafficking. The public is requested to report all suspicious activity on the waterways.

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