“Sunshine List” released for 2016



By Ron Giofu


The public salary disclosure – a.k.a. the “Sunshine List” – has been released for 2016.

The salaries are released under the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act which requires most organizations that receive public funding from Ontario to disclose annually the names, positions, salaries and total taxable benefits of employees paid $100,000 or more in the previous calendar year.

According to a news release sent by the province, the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act applies to the provincial government, Crown agencies and corporations, Ontario Power Generation and subsidiaries, publicly funded organizations such as hospitals, municipalities, school boards, universities and colleges, and not-for-profit organizations that meet a funding threshold.

The $100,000 threshold has not changed since the Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act was enacted in 1996, and has not been adjusted to keep up with inflation. If the salary threshold were adjusted for inflation, it would be $149,424 in today’s dollars, reducing the number of employees included in the compendium by 84 per cent.

The “Sunshine List” saw 36 employees of the town of Amherstburg on it, up two from 2015. That includes 25 members of the Amherstburg Police Service, the same as the year prior.

The top three earners in the town were CAO John Miceli, who earned $181,193.60 in 2016 followed by police chief Tim Berthiaume ($167,857.83) and deputy police chief Ian Chappell ($140,806.08).

CAO John Miceli earned $181,193.60 in 2016.

CAO John Miceli earned $181,193.60 in 2016.

Among the police sergeants on the list were Matt Capel-Cure ($126,490.06), Melissa Taylor ($125,530.19), Don Brown ($132,243.82), and Scott Riddell ($115,301.01). Constables on the list include Rory Bennett ($121,238.13), Viktor Burany ($112,433.51), Rocco Pelaccia ($111,668.98), Paul Smith ($119,226.43), Nick D’Amore ($113,049.31), Christopher Dean ($105,042.28), Kim Rathbone ($103,435.23), Fred Adair ($110,881.86), Andrew Challans ($109,232.01), Aaron Chambers ($104,573.89), Nicholaus Dupuis ($111.421.54), Tim Ford ($108,270.62), Sean Gazdig ($108, 309.35), Nathan Harris ($116,119.21), Shawn McCurdy ($104,994.13), Margaret O’Brien ($113,408), Ryan Pizzala ($100,619.29), B.J. Wiley ($115,214.59) and Don Zimmerman ($103,707.61).

Other members of town administration on the list are director of engineering and public works Antonietta Giofu ($120,415.08), director of corporate services and treasurer ($120,415.60), manager of engineering and operations Todd Hewitt ($101,055.56), manager of planning services Rebecca Belanger ($105,022.56), manager of information technology Dave Carpenter ($106,323.16), manager of roads and fleet Eric Chamberlain ($104,403.61) and director of planning, development and legislative services Mark Galvin ($116,397.38).

Firefighters on the list include Jason Durocher ($110,974.90), former chief Randy Sinasac ($104,792.64) and Randy Wismer ($104,844.76).

The County of Essex also had 36 of its employees make the Sunshine List, with 20 of them being affiliated with Essex-Windsor EMS. County CAO Brian Gregg was the top earner in 2016 with a salary of $181,643.64 while director of corporate services/treasurer Rob Maisonville was the second highest earner with a 2016 salary of $151,434.60. Deputy EMS Chief of planning and physical resources Chris Grant earned $141,337.03 while director of transportation services Tom Bateman and Essex-Windsor EMS Chief Bruce Krauter earned $130,425.60 and $130,285.48 respectively.

Other Essex-Windsor EMS members on the list include district chief John Fast ($117,291.70), paramedic Lance Huver ($106,726.48), district chief John Jacobs ($117,673.43), paramedic Anthony Jaroszwicz ($105,893.20), paramedic Arnold Wenzler ($103,802.72), Capt. Dawn Arsenault ($101,356.04), paramedic Tim Branch ($105,125.31), district chief Shawn Davis ($120,914.82), district chief Michael Jacobs ($126,282.32), deputy chief Justin Lammers ($101,708.14), district chief Denis Mcfarlane ($120,980.05), district chief Mechelle Murphy ($113,096.90), paramedic Paul Stromme ($102,093.15), district chief Jean-Pierre Bacon ($104,804.29), district chief Sarah Bezaire ($116,472.39), district chief Tyson Brohman ($127,602.57), paramedic Justin Campeau ($102,222.37), Capt. Cathy Hedges ($102,113.33), paramedic Chris Kirwin ($105,153.97) and deputy chief Ryan Lemay ($116,394.69).


County administration on the list also includes director of council services/clerk Mary Brennan ($120,691.95), Sun Parlour Home administrator Lynda Monik ($127,225.89), human resources director Greg Schlosser ($119,929.63), manager of transportation and development Jane Mustac ($108,032.24), manager of construction services Peter Bzuik ($105,228.67) and manager of maintenance operations Kenneth Newman ($111,981.03).

Nursing staff that are on the county’s list include Sun Parlour Home director of nursing Linda Desjardins ($107,652.91) and registered nurses Kendra Powell ($105,926.68), Juliette Jeremias ($105,004.80), Kristine Malott ($105,179.52) and Nancy Morand ($104,800.60).

The Greater Essex County District School Board also released its list for 2016 with it including Amherstburg Public School principal Mark Campbell ($122,478.20) and vice principal Christina Pottie ($104,435.98). Anderdon Public principal Kerry Green-Duren earned $123,413.29 while vice principal Victoria MacPherson-Blencoe earned $125,002.86.

General Amherst High School principal Hazel Keefner made the list with a 2016 salary of $130,511.68 while vice principal Joe Marusic earned $104,194.72.

The Sunshine List for the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board shows that St. Thomas of Villanova principal Amy Facchineri earned $119,947.30 while vice principals Sam Sleiman and Laura Beltran earned $112,493.75 and $112,303.51 respectively.

Stella Maris School principal Sophie DiPaolo earned $119,216.54 while St. Joseph School principal Linda DiPasquale had a 2016 salary of $119,887.

A number of teachers also made the list, with the full Sunshine List found at www.ontario.ca and searching public sector salary disclosure.

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