Students get hands-on learning

By Joel Charron

Last Monday morning the Canadian Tire was filled with St. Joseph’s Grade 7 students.

No, they weren’t skipping school, Grade 7 teacher Val Pelaccia brought them there as a part of the numerously unit study for the math curriculum.

“It gives the students a real life scenario where they get to do actually purchasing,” said Pelaccia.

The 47 students were give a sheet with 23 questions and were asked to solve this problem:

Suppose you won $500 to spend at Canadian Tire. How would you spend your money? Make a list of all the items that you purchase. Figure the total cost including 13 per cent.

St. Joe’s students work together to figure out the answers on their question sheet.

The students were asked to answer questions such as: St. Joseph’s School needs four soccer balls, six baseballs, six baseball gloves as well as 10 baseballs, total up the cost including HST for these items.

This is the second year Pelaccia has incorporated a trip to Canadian Tire as part of the study unit. The Grade 7 teacher said last year’s project turned out great and with the support of parents and fellow teachers he decided to include it again.

“It’s not the same as looking in a book,” said Pelaccia. “Always teaching from a book gets boring. No one is messing around, everyone is behaving themselves and the work is getting done.”

Pelaccia’s students agreed with him.

“It’s way easier to learn in here,” said Grade 7 student, John Purdie. “In the classroom it gets boring but in here it’s all hands on.”

Purdie said math may not be his favourite subject, however projects like this help make math fun to learn.

Pelaccia added that he appreciates Canadian Tire allowing them to use the store for their project.

“Canadian Tire has been very nice by letting us come it,” said Pelaccia.

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