Stephen Mickle promises to respect tax dollars if elected as councillor

Stephen Mickle  is taking another attempt at elected office. He also ran in 2010. (Submitted photo)

Stephen Mickle is taking another attempt at elected office. He also ran in 2010. (Submitted photo)

By Ron Giofu


Stephen Mickle is taking another run at a councillor’s position and is hoping to make a difference by making sound financial decisions.

Mickle, who ran in the 2010 municipal election, has been involved in the community through his work with the Malden Community and Cultural Centre, preserving the old Malden fire hall and a historic fire truck and working with the Big Creek steering committee. His hope, if elected, is to help the town out of its current financial situation.

“I think I can make a difference and I will not be bullied,” he said. “I’ll make sound decisions based on the availability of money. I’ll do the right things based on what the people want and the money available. I will work for the people, I will listen to the people. I will not be disrespectful and waste their money.”
Mickle said money has to “be put in the right places” and that people have a right to know where their tax dollars are going. He said maintenance of current assets and legacy costs need to be a priority and “not to take from Peter to pay Paul.”

Accountability is an important issue for Mickle in this election and wants to ensure the town is accountable to its ratepayers.

“We have overextended ourselves and are not getting the return on investment,” he said. “I believe that we should be taking care of current assets and legacy costs before undergoing any new projects or ventures and we need to shore up our emergency reserve accounts.”

Picking the right CAO to replace Mike Phipps will also be an important priority, he added.

Protecting historical assets is also important, he said, and wants to do what is possible in order to do that.

“Where are we headed?” he asked. “Are we a historical town or are we going to be a town that looks historic?”

Industry is needed, he said, as is more people living here.

“I’d like to see some industry brought back,” said Mickle. “We’re not catering to people to get industry out here. It’s no different than money spent on our culture and tourism. Let’s spend money on bringing taxpayers to town. We need to hire our kids. We need to hire the next generation of taxpayers.”

Mickle said Amherstburg is a beautiful town and always will be, adding it has always been “a family destination.

“I’ll take on the issues,” he added. “I’m not afraid of the issues. If there is a problem, we need to fix it.”

Mickle noted he is a CUPE member and a health and safety advocate for his employer for eight years. He said he is “committed to the common sense approach and democracy” and that his family have been in town for over 135 years and have a history of volunteering and community service.

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