Stars on Ice


By Joel Charron

Skate Amherstburg dazzled a sold out crowd as they presented their 41st Ice Carnival “Just Dance” this past Saturday.

The 41st Ice Carnival featured 120 skaters of all skating levels with a variety of solos and group performances and even featured a funny number by the Amherstburg Midget Major Stars to the song “I’m Sexy and I know it.”


Figure Skaters took to the ice Saturday afternoon for Skate Amherstburg’s 41st Ice Carnival.

“All the kids are excited, that’s the main thing,” said Skate Amherstburg president Sharon Kawai.

Kawai said everything went “as well as could be expected” during the intermission of Saturday’s show.

With their second ice carnival under their belt at the UCCU complex Kawai admit there are some “bugs to iron our” stating that Skate Amherstburg “still has room to improve.” Kawai said the organization would hold an annual review to discuss areas on which they can improve.

Kawai also praised the UCCU Complex staff.

“The rink guys are great,” she said.

Kawai also mentioned that the show is all about the children who have to work hard all year to showcase their talent in front of their family and friends.

“It’s a culmination of all their skills throughout the year,” said Kawai. “They have a great time. They are here as friends and not competitors.”

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