St. Peter’s ACHS students visit first PM’s final resting place



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As part of Canada’s 150th Birthday St. Peter’s ACHS College School students visited Former Prime Minister Sir John A. MacDonald at his final resting place in Kingston, Ontario.

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St. Peter’s ACHS College School students began planning their trip through southern Ontario to help celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday well over a year ago. The five-day road trip included stop offs at St. Mary among the Huron’s and Martyr’s Shrine in Midland, The Peterborough Lift Locks, Fort Henry in Kingston, and a trek through the 1000 Islands with a stopover at Boldt Castle in the state of New York. The final stop however was in Kingston to visit the grave of Sir John A. MacDonald.

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St. Peter’s students felt that it would be a great tribute to visit our Father of Confederation for Canada’s 150th Birthday. Once there however, students were a bit disappointed seeing a simple grave marker for the man who helped shape and build this great country.

(Photos provided by St. Peter's ACHS College School)

(Photos provided by St. Peter’s ACHS College School)

The drive for this trip was extensive and the distance covered was humongous. The school group, which consisted of students, staff and parents, camped out every night with two nights being in the rain. They cooked their food on open fires and tried to live somewhat like the early explorers of Canada did well over 300-400 years ago.

Overall, the group was thrilled with their trip and is looking forward to their next great learning adventure.


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