St. Peter’s ACHS College School student graduates with honours and four academic high school credits



Special to the RTT


When Amherstburg’s  St. Theresa Roman Catholic School closed in June 2012, eight year old Cameron Sinasac vowed that he would return one day and graduate from there.

Well Cameron’s predication came true in August 2014 when the school reopened as an independent Catholic School known as St. Peter’s ACHS College School. To make sure the school would open, Cameron and his family helped physically move St. Peter’s ACHS College School down from Haliburton and Vaughan here to Amherstburg. Cameron was the first student to register closely followed by his older brother Ryan.

When the school opened that September there were only five students. However, by the following June it had grown to six. Over the years the school continued to grow slowly and now it has a student population of sixteen. Six of those students stay in full and part time residency and two of those are from the GTA. Cameron never worried about how small the school was, but was more concerned about what could the school could do for him. I once asked Cameron if it was hard for him to have left his friends. His response was simple. “Yes. However, if people are truly my friends then they will be my friends no matter what school I attend.”

Cameron Sinasac has graduated from St. Peter’s ACHS College School with honours and four academic high school credits. (Special to the RTT)

As time went on Cameron became more assertive and disciplined in his work habits while maintaining his “AAA” hockey commitment. His goal was simple: Be the best that you can be. Cameron has been the Top Academic Honour Roll student since 2014 – for four consecutive years.

For the past two years he has also been named Athlete of the Year. Cameron has travelled with the school all over Ontario and Quebec and skied on the Olympic Mountains in New York State. Cameron dissected a cow’s brain and heart. He thrived in our Music program, took Mandarin class, and was instrumental in winning our school two School Ice Hockey Championships in the GTA. Cameron worked hard and won an award from Amherstburg’ s Royal Canadian Legion School Literacy Competition four years in a row. This past year he scored first in both Literacy and Art. Cameron also became the highest ranked student in the school (Something similar to a Cadet Major). He helped with peer teaching and tutoring and also was a huge asset in helping govern the school. Cameron excelled and overcame the many hurdles that were placed before him daily, such as when he broke his leg in two spots just before Christmas 2016. Even though the leg needed pins to recover, Cameron was back at school after one week in a wheel chair and back to his normal self. However, missing him in hockey for the next four months was really hard on all of us.

By Christmas 2017, Cameron had completed most of the Grade 8 academic program. It was time to let him forge ahead. In January 2018, the school along with his parents decided to let Cameron enroll and try a few high school courses. We all agreed to let Cameron advance as long as he maintained his regular work load at school along with his “AAA” hockey program. Before the end of the school year we knew that Cameron would be graduating with an academic math, English and geography credit as well as Grade 10 academic history credit.

His hard work, determination, presentation and success have amazed many people over the years. Cameron is bound for success and everyone one at St. Peter’s ACHS College School past and present is very proud to have had the privilege of having him attend our school.

Well done, Cameron! Well done!

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