St. Peter’s ACHS College School loses 5-1 in semi-finals



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St. Peter’s ACHS College School travelled to Orangeville this past week to compete in the Dufferin Peel Catholic School Board’s prestigious Beacon Cup Hockey Tournament.

After being champions of Dufferin/Peel and Caledon at the grade 4-6 level last year, it was a big adjustment competing this year against veteran and well seasoned schools at the grade 7-8 level.

To make it even more challenging for the young grade 6-7 team was the fact that at around Christmas time the team’s captain (Cameron Sinasac) received a vicious sprain and multiple fractures while competing for Chatham. Losing such a high calibre player for the season put a massive dent in the team’s armour and ability to compete.

The St. Peter’s ACHS hockey team with only nine players and a goalie won their first game beating St. Thomas More 5-3. An hour and a half later St. Peter’s ACHS took on St. Agnes losing 1-0. In the third game St. Peter’s ACHS lost 3-1 against St. John the Baptist. However, by finishing third St. Peter’s ACHS advanced into the quarter finals.

The following day, St. Peter’s ACHS would have to play against St. John Paul II. This school was top loaded with grade 8 “AA” players from the Caledon Hawks. St. Peter’s would take a physical beating and were scored on first. By the second period St. Peter’s had gained control back and took the lead 3-1. Midway through the second St. Peter’s lost J.T. Langlois due to an injury leaving the team with only 8 skaters. By the time the game was over, St. Peter’s had won 5-1 proving that team play, control and good tactics were superior over pure might.

St. Peter’s ACHS College School advanced to the semi-finals of the Beacon Cup Hockey Tournament.

St. Peter’s ACHS College School advanced to the semi-finals of the Beacon Cup Hockey Tournament. (Submitted photo)

In the final game St. Peter’s would once again go up against St. John the Baptist. By the beginning of the second period the referees asked if the St. Peter’s ACHS team wanted mercy by running the clock.    (The thought and reasoning was that St. Peter’s ACHS would be slaughtered by having such a small bench.) The team refused and shortly thereafter scored their only goal in the game. St. Peter’s would end up losing 5-1.

The St. Peter’s ACHS hockey team showed true grit and played awesome though out the tournament. Many people talked about and supported the little school from AMHERSTBURG. Both coaches, parents, and players from opposing teams came into the dressing room after games commending St. Peter’s ACHS payers for their outstanding performance and determination.

The following players and goalie are to be commend for their effort and a job well done. Joseph Giordano, Deven Bastien, James O’Neill, Nicholas Messina, Joseph Rotilio, Ryan (Buzz) Wharram, Jackson Cole, T. J Langlois, J.T. Langlois, and Kaden Campbell. Everyone at St. Peter’s ACHS is so very proud of you.

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