Sr. Cardinals pull off another dramatic win


By Joel Charron

Mack Ouellette promised his teammates that he would make up for his costly seventh inning error.

Ouellette made good on his word by connecting on a bases loaded single to steal a 5-4 win from the Riverside Royals in the last inning for the second straight week and extending their winning streak to eight games.

“We just keep battling right down to the last out,” said Ouellette.

A week after Mark Beaudoin stole a win with a walk-off grand slam; the Sr. Cardinals were faced with a similar situation, trailing 4-2 heading into the final inning.

After Riverside walked the first two batters, Cardinals catcher Matt Spargelo tied the game at 4-4 with a two-run triple.

Riverside walked the next two batters, giving Ouellette a shot at redemption.

Ouellette made the most of his opportunity sending a line drive single over the shortstop’s head and dropping in shallow left field.

“I got down on myself after making that error but I did what I had to do and got the job done and pick up the win, that’s all the matters,” said Ouellette.

Not to be outdone by another late inning rally, Sr. Cardinals lefty flame thrower, Josh Sikich threw another

Josh Sikich threw another gem, striking out13 opposing batters for the second consecutive game

stellar game, fanning 13 batters for the second straight game.

“It’s just a pleasure catching him,” said Spargelo. “I just set up anywhere and he hits his spots. Everything is working for him and that just makes my job as a catcher that much easier.”

Sikich was roughed up in the first inning, allowing three runs to cross the plate, however the Senior rookie struck out the next 10 batters.

Sikich, who is averaging double digit strike outs per game credits his catcher for his recent good fortune.

“He calls my game and I have all the trust in the world in him,” stated Sikich. “He calls my pitch, I throw the pitch and we get outs.”

Spargelo noted when Mike “Junior” Purdie returns off the disabled list, the Cardinals are going to have a formidable one-two punch in the pitching rotation.

“When Purdie come back we should be a pretty good shape,” said Spargelo. “The more arms we have, the better.”

Assistant manager Dennis Ouellette said the team always feels like they can win the game no matter the deficit.

“There is no quit in this team,” said Dennis. “They totally felt confident in the bottom of the seventh that they were going to win this game.”

Dennis said it took a few games for the players to come together, dropping the season’s first three games but since have been on a tear, ripping off an eight game winning streak.

“Most of them didn’t know who each other were. It took a few games to build that chemistry,” said Dennis. “Once they got comfortable on the diamond, look at them, they’re on a roll.”

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