Sr. Cardinals out play Jr. Cardinals once again


By RTT Staff

For the third time this season the Amherstburg Senior Cardinals got the better of the Amherstburg Junior Cardinals.

The Sr. Cardinals handed their junior counter parts their 14th straight loss after the 8-2 loss Sunday evening at the UCCU Complex.

The game remained close in the first four innings, with both teams scoring runs in the first inning and then traded runs in the fourth inning for a 2-2 heading into the later stages of the game.

In the fifth and sixth innings the Sr. Cardinals turned up the heat, posting three runs in the fifth and another three in the sixth to secure their 12th win of the season.


After fielding a ground ball second baseman Nick Price fires the ball over to first base to get the out.

Senior Cardinals player/manager Mark Beaudoin said it was nothing new that the Sr. Cards started slowly then hit their stride in the later innings.

“Our bats got going in the fifth and sixth innings and we were able to get a bunch of runs together for the win,” said Beaudoin.

Once again, the Sr. Cardinals pitching led the way, with Mac Ouellette putting in a quality start, which was followed by an equally solid effort by relief pitcher Cal Wasylowich.

“Mac and Cal held those guys down long enough so we could get our runs,” said Beaudoin. “We seem to start slow and get our bats later in the game and get our runs.”

Despite the loss, Junior Cardinals assistant coach Randy Mortimer was pleases with how his squad played.

He noted the seniors took advantage of a few bad breaks that went against the juniors.

“The kids are getting better, they played really well,” said Mortimer. “We made a couple of mistakes and mistakes will kill you. We are getting better, all in all, they will be ok.”

The Senior Cardinals improve to 12-5 on the season while the Juniors fall to 1-18.

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