Sr. Bulldogs lose 42-34 against Leamington, battle dwindling numbers



By Jolene Perron


The General Amherst Senior Bulldogs fought a tough battle in Friday’s 42-34 loss to Leamington.
The Leamington offense started the first quarter strong with aggressive plays, leading to the opening touchdown. It wasn’t until the second quarter when Amherst quarterback Emmitt Rosati came back with an answering touchdown. Amherst attempted to go for a two-point conversation, but came up short, allowing Leamington to continue their lead, closing out the first half 27-6.

The Bulldogs played a hard third quarter with two touchdowns. Rosati connected with Calvin Cribley on a 19-yard touchdown and ran one in himself. A pair of two-point conversations – a passes to Riley Thomas and Cribley) brought the Bulldogs closer.

General Amherst ended up scoring 22 points in the second half, capped by a 64-yard pass from Rosati to Levi Reaume, and that plus strong defense saw them take the lead 28-27 midway into the fourth quarter.

However Leamington came through with two late touchdowns, and despite the Bulldogs’ efforts, the Lions ultimately prevailed.

General Amherst’s Levi Reaume tackles a Leamington Lions player during their Friday night game at the Libro Centre.

“We came from two touchdowns down, we took the lead, but we just couldn’t hang on to keep pushing that ticket,” said Rudak. “But it was a fun game for most of them and it was a definite step forward.”
While Amherst wasn’t struggling with injuries this week, Rudak said he is having trouble with practice attendance which lead him to call six juniors up to join the senior team for Friday’s game.

“Definite improvement, bringing up those six juniors really helped us,” said Rudak. “It’s a bit of an epidemic of players not coming to practice and some of them don’t even let us know they aren’t coming to the game. There’s just a few little things that get you down a bit.”
Rudak said those six players will not be joining them again next week, as they want to continue to play on the junior team and according to the rules, if they play two weeks in a row with the seniors they will be considered a part of that team instead.
The Bulldogs return to the field Friday as they make the trek out to Lajeunesse for 3 p.m.

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