Spring takes a paws (pause)

By Jolene Perron

March Break may have started off a day early with a snow day for the kids in the community, but ended with sunny days and warmer temperatures that everyone could enjoy. Even a few west highland terriers by the names of Hogarth, Indiana and Pheobe, were able to enjoy and nice car ride on Monday of this week.

West Highland Terriers, Hogarth, Indiana and Pheobe grab a breath of fresh air while parked on Richmond Street on Monday afternoon.

The temperatures last Wednesday didn’t reach an all-time high, but were still satisfying. According to timeanddate.com, last Wednesday March 16 reached a high of 55°F. Our warmest day was yet to come, as Thursday reached a high of 64° F. By Friday, our high only reached 43° F, but still remained nice.

However, temperatures will continue to drop this week. Monday we experienced rainy weather, with a high of 40° F. As the week continues, so will the rain, and flurries soon to come.

Temperatures are expected to rise in the coming weeks leading us into April.

To encourage spring in our community, the River Town Times will have an all new feature in the paper called Think Spring. This feature will focus on Recreation, Outdoor living, Entertainment and lifestyle. Make sure to stay tuned for the first edition with this new feature, coming out on April 27th 2011.

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