Spitfires’ Posa pays visit to Malden Central Public School


By Joel Charron

The students of Malden Central Public School have taken on the role of Santa’s elves this holiday season.

In a special assembly held last Wednesday the students’ generosity was put on display as a total of 1,768 cans of non-perishable food items and 140 toys was shown off in front of the entire school body. The non-perishable food items were donated to the Amherstburg Food bank and the toys were given to Sparky’s Toy Drive.

“You should all be very proud of yourselves,” said principal Cheryl Barber. ‘Because of your generosity those less fortunate will have a better Christmas.”

The can/toy drive also created a little competition within the school. Mrs. Fletcher’s Grade1-2 class brought in the most toys and won some ice cream treats and a chance to win some Windsor Spitfire tickets.

Mr. Balkwell’s Grade 8 class brought in over 300 canned goods and won the can drive. contest narrowly defeating Mrs. Prieur’s Grade 5 class, who brought in just over 250 cans.

Along with celebrating the fruits of their labour, the students also received a special visit from Windsor Spitfires captain Saverio Posa.


Windsor Spitfires captain Saverio Posa stands amongst the students of Malden Central Public School. Posa was visiting Malden as part of the Spitfires Adopt-a-School program.

Posa was visiting Malden as part of the Adopt-a-School program, in which a local business adopts a local school and donates anywhere from six to eight Spitfire tickets to the school.

Racicot Chrysler adopted Malden and donated eight tickets to the school.

“The tickets can be used for incentives for the kids,” said Felicia Krautner, coordinator of community relations and game operations for the Windsor Spitfires.

Posa presented the school with a community involvement plaque and a cheque worth $250.

Posa also had an important message to deliver to the students.

“I want you guys to know how important school actually is,” he said.

Posa told the students that even though some students may look to make it big in the NHL, they should work hard in school in case they don’t make it that far.

“We need those doctors, we need those lawyers, we need all those different types of people that help make life easier,” he said.

Posa also explained to students that there will be times that students will feel that teachers are “picking” on them, however that is not the case.

“It’s not that they are picking on you, they want the best for you guys because they know you have a lot to give,” he said.

Posa compared his relationship with his coaches to that of a student/teacher relationship.

“If we are not playing well our coaches will be on us and it will feel like they are picking on us, however we know that they are doing that because they know we have a lot to give,” said Posa.

Posa also answered several questions from the audience.

“Keep your head in the books and make sure you study really hard,” he said.

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