Smokestack comes down at former General Chemical plant


By Ron Giofu


It was a milestone day in the demolition of the former General Chemical plant.

The plant, now owned by Honeywell-affiliated Amherstburg Land Holdings Inc.,  is now minus its iconic smokestack, which crumbled to the ground at approximately 8:40 a.m. Saturday. Crews from Priestly Demolition have been on hand the last several months taking the plant down and now that the smokestack is down, it means the larger jobs at the site have been largely completed.


Grande said the day also hoped to be one that is a “catalyst” for the re-purposing of the Front Road North lands.

The only buildings remaining on site are the low structures, he added, and that those are the lowest risk in terms of takedown.

“All of the high reaching equipment has been moved off-site,” said Grande.

The demolition is both on time and on budget, he stated, and roughly 90 percent of the materials Priestly has been removing is being recycled.

“Right now, there are no big surprises. Everything is going as expected,” said Grande.

The current plan is that the buildings will be removed and the soil remediated by the end of the summer. The dense ash warehouse and the “bag house” will remain, said Grande.

As for future plans, Grande stated their sole focus right now is the successful completion of the demolition and the remediation of the site.

“Beyond that, we’re working with folks like the Windsor-Essex Economic Development Commission,” he said. “With Sandra Pupatello in place, we’re expecting exciting things.”

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