Skateboarding competition to be held this Saturday


By Joel Charron

After watching the Amherstburg Skateboard Park slowly deteriorate over the years, a local couple has taken matters into their own hands.

Rob and Julie Bondy are hosting a skateboarding competition Saturday, July 21 with all proceeds going to resurface the pavement at the skate park.

“The conditions at the park are starting to decline a little bit,” said Julie. “The park could really use a resurfacing but we know the town doesn’t have the money right now to do that, so we thought why not raise the money our selves.”

Before the competition Julie said there will be a park clean up starting at 10:30 p.m., which will be followed by a barbecue at 11:30.

Registration for the competition will begin approximately around noon with the competition itself beginning at 1 p.m.

Participants will have three events to choose from, a mini ramp competition, a “hippy jump” and S-K-A-T-E.

For the mini-ramp competition skaters will perform tricks and will be scored by a panel of judges based on the kind of tricks they do. The highest score will win the event.

The “hippy jump” reassembles a high jump competition.

“The kids will be on their skateboard and coming towards a pole set up at a certain height,” explained Julie. “They have to jump off the board, over the pole and land on their skateboard. We’ll see who can jump the highest and land on the board.”

The S-K-A-T-E competition is the skateboarding version of basketball’s H-O-R-S-E, with participants getting a letter if they can’t perform the trick.

Julie added there are entry fees to all the events, $10 to enter the mini-ramp and S-K-A-T-E events, $5 for the “hippy jump” or $20 for all three.

Julie also noted that all participants will be required to wear helmets, however elbow and kneepads are encouraged but they are optional.

Julie said the competition is a good way for skateboarders to bring some attention to their sport.

“We know that there is not a lot for skateboarders, they often kind of do their own thing,” she said. “This is just a chance for people  to kind of get to know who’s out there.”

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