Skateboarding competition raises $423 for new skating surface


By Joel Charron

With a smile across his face, Mike Brennan, 23, cheers on his fellow competitors at the Amherstburg Skateboarding Competition.

Brennan was one of several skateboarders to participate in Saturday’s competition.

“This is awesome,” states Brennan. “We’re having a lot of fun out here. We have at least 50 kids out skating. It’s good to see them out having fun and not causing trouble.”

The competition was put on by the newly formed Amherstburg Skate Park Association and was aimed at raising money to resurface the asphalt the skateboarders currently ride on at the Amherstburg Skate Park.

“All of the entry fees the competitors paid today are going toward the resurfacing fund,” said committee co-founder Julie Bondy.

Bondy said the resurfacing would cost as low as $35,000 and as much as $50,000.

“There is asphalt as a surface right now but we want to put in concrete,” said Bondy. “It’s a much easier surface for the skaters and BMXer’s to ride.”

Brennan, who has skated at the park since he was 10-years-old said the Skate Park is in desperate

Dean Clark attempts a trick in the S-K-A-T-E competition.

need of a new surface.

“There is so much grass up between the cracks,” said Brennan. “People fall all the time on the holes throughout the course.”

Brennan noted that the cracks are a bit of a safety concern.

“If you see beside the ledges and at the end of ramps there are cracks that your wheels will catch and you’ll just face plant,” he said.

The competition raised $423.

Bondy said she was pleased with the numbers of participants this year and hopes to make the skateboarding competition an annual event.

“This was more about raising awareness, which I think we really managed to do,” said Bondy. “Next year I think the skaters will bring more people just by word of mouth.”

Although it was every man for themselves in competition, Bondy said she was very impressed on how the participants were cheering each other on.

“They have been really supportive of each other,” said Bondy. “When they make tricks everyone is applauding. It’s a good environment.”

Participants competed in three events mini-ramp, hippy jump, and S-K-A-T-E. The winners are as followed:

Mini-ramp: Pavel Kascjak, Mike Brennan, Tyler DaSilva, and Jonathan Trombley.

Hippy jump: Sawyer Stoyanovich (49 inches), Pavel Kascajak (48 inches), John Kasurak (44 inches), Mike Brennan (42 inches).

SKATE (Sr.): Devin Thomas, Mike Brennan, David Milosavlievie, Steve Stiller.

SKATE (Jr.): Tyler DaSilva, Tyler Rancourt.

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