Skate Amherstburg shines in spotlight


By Joel Charron


Skate Amherstburg wrapped up a spectacular season as they dazzled a sold out crowd as they presented their 42nd Ice Carnival “Skate by Numbers” this past Saturday.

The 42nd Ice Carnival featured 160 skaters of all skating levels with a variety of solos and group performances.

“All the kids are excited, that’s the main thing,” said Skate Amherstburg president Sharon Kawai.

Kawai said everything went “as well as could be expected” during the intermission of Saturday’s show.

With their third ice carnival under their belt at the UCCU complex Kawai said Skate Amherstburg has improved drastically since hosting their first show in the new complex three years ago.

“We’re used to everything now. Things seem to just fall into place now,” she joked.

Kawai also praised the UCCU Complex staff.

“The rink guys are great,” she said.

Skate-4-web Kawai also mentioned that the show is all about the children who have worked hard all year to showcase their talent in front of their family and friends.

“It’s a culmination of all their skills throughout the year,” said Kawai. “They have a great time. They are here as friends and not competitors.”

Kawai added that Skate Amherstburg is becoming more “noticeable” in the community.

This year they hosted the Pat Abela-Lyle McPhedran Memorial Invitational competition, which according to Kawai was a “huge boost” for the growing organization.

She also praised the Syncro team for their performances throughout the year and Jillian Weaver who place ninth in a recently provincial competition.

“I’m very proud of everyone for all the hard work they have put in this year,” said Kawai. “People are starting to notice when Skate Amherstburg comes in, they better be worried.”

Skate-3-web During intermission, Skate Amherstburg presented Danielle Peltier with the first annual Shella Treleaven Bursary Award.

“We lost Shella Trevleaven, one of our board members to cancer last year. She was very dedicated to Skate Amherstburg. We wanted to keep her memory alive and this bursary award is a great way to do so,” said Kawai.

Peltier said she had no idea she was getting the bursary and was “completely surprised” when she heard her name being called.

“I was very excited but at the same time very shocked,” she said.

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