Skate Amherstburg donates big

By Karen Fallon

Sharron Kawai, president of Skate Amherstburg recently donated $35,000 towards the United Credit Union Community Complex at the council meeting held Monday.

Kawai’s voice quivered with emotion when making the donation on behalf of the organization which, she noted took 12 years to accumulate.

Members of Skate Amherstburg Board of Directors gather with Mayor Wayne Hurst following a presentation to the town of $35,000 towards the United Credit Union Community Complex. Left – Right: Mayor Wayne Hurst, Ann Peltier, Treasurer, Pamela Brush, past president, Tina Doyon, communications director, Jen Duguay, publicity chair and Sharron Kawai, president.

Although it took twelve years for a “council with a vision” to bring the realization of a new arena to fruition “it was well worth the wait,” says Kawai.

“In January we started skating inside that vision,” she said. “It exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

Skate Amherstburg, says Debi Croucher, the town’s fundraising coordinator, has been “a proud member” of Skate Canada and Western Ontario Session for over 40 years and is currently “home to over 300 skaters.”

This is an extremely generous donation, especially given the fact that it is a not-for-profit organization, Croucher continued.

In response to councillor Robert Pillon’s friendly comment about Kawai rarely being “choked up for words” she responded by saying: “It’s a big deal.”

The money resulted from an extra $5 being collected from every member on top of the registration fee for the last 12 years.

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