Sisters use lemonade stand & yard sale to raise money for epilsepy


By Joel Charron

Deanna Sinasac couldn’t be more proud of her two daughters.

Mackenzie Sinasac, nine and her sister Alexis, seven, recently held a lemonade stand fundraiser to help raise funds for the Epilepsy Support Centre (ESC.)

The pint-sized entrepreneurs held the lemonade stand on Sat. Aug 25. The pair raised $227 and handed over a cheque to ESC communications liaison for Windsor/Essex County, Nikki Porter on Friday, August 31.

The cause hits close to home for the Sinasac family, Alexis was diagnosed with Epilepsy when she was two-years-old.

“We just want to support all the people who have epilepsy,” said Mackenzie.

Sinasac said the original idea was to have a yard sale with all the toys the girls don’t use and donate the money to the ESC.

“We decided to expand it and add a bake sale and the lemonade stand,” said Sinasac.

Sinasac said she feesl “very blessed” to have two little girls with “very big hearts.”

Epilepsy Support Centre communications liaison for Windsor/Essex County, Nikki Porter accepts a $227 cheque from Alexis (left) and Mackenzie Sinasac.

“For their age, it’s very good that they have that sight of mind to try and raise money for the cause,” said Sinasac.

Porter called Mackenzie and Alexis “incredible.”

“Very few people talk about epilepsy and for these two girls to come up with this idea and go through with it speaks volumes as to what kind of children they are,” stated   Porter.

Porter also added that she feels other people will see what the two sisters have done and will “empower” other kids to do the same.”

“It shows other children that they can do the same no matter how old you are,” said Porter.

All funds raised go toward the ESC services, such as support and education programs in Windsor/Essex County.

“We had a lot of fun doing this. I’m glad we did it,” said Alexis.

One response to “Sisters use lemonade stand & yard sale to raise money for epilsepy”

  1. Kathy Brighton says:

    These kids are amazing! They were raised by a very caring mom who happens to be my neice. I could’nt be prouder of the whole family!