Sinasac appointed fire chief

By Joel Charron

Randy Sinasac has come a long way since joining the Amherstburg Fire Department as a volunteer in 1989.

Sinasac’s love for his work has seen him climb the ladder over the years. First with starting out as a volunteer then later becoming a training officer in June 1996. Sinasac was hired as a full time firefighter at station two in 1998 before being named deputy chief in August 1999.

Now, Sinasac will have a new title, as he will take over as chief from retiring fire chief Rick Murray.

Sinasac has been the man in charge since Murray’s last day on Feb 11.

“It still hasn’t really sunk in,” said Sinasac. “I’m taking the department in the same direction that we had planned on with Rick, but it still feels quite

New fire chief Randy Sinasac says he is ready for the challenge as the department’s top guy.

different and new being the top guy.”

Sinasac said he joined the fire department 22 years ago because he wanted to help out the community in some significant way.  However, just a few months into being a volunteer firefighter a light bulb went off in his head and Sinasac knew he found what he was meant to do.

“It was my career calling,” said Sinasac. “So I concentrated heavily on the training aspect of it and dedicated myself to expand my knowledge in the service.”

It was that dedication that carried him all the way to the top.

Being the chief of the department is a challenge that Sinasac says he’s ready for. Not even a month into his new position, Sinasac has put his imprints on the department by hiring James Ouellette as his second in command.

Most of the duties Sinasac is currently mulling over involve training and personnel.  One of the more challenging issues that Sinasac will have to deal with will be balancing the Department’s budget.

“Council directs the level of service that we’re set to provide and I try to work within that framework,” Sinasac said.  “I will continue to work with council to maintain or increase the level of service, if possible, so we remain a cutting edge department and not become stagnant.”

Sinasac said the move to chief from deputy chief has been a rather “smooth transition,” he said it’s because of the support and professionalism that he has received from his staff

“I am truly lucky to have inherited a great group of guys,” he said. “It certainly makes my job a lot easier knowing that those guys have my back.”

Although Sinasac enjoys his new position he admits he misses the days of fighting fires, however directing a fire scene is something he is getting used to.

“I’m always going to miss fighting fires, it’s what I loved doing,” he said. “Directing a fire scene may not be as intense as fighting a fire but it’s just as gratifying.”

The new chief looks forward to continuing to build on the accomplishments of his predecessor, while at the same time implementing his own brand of managerial skills.

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