Shuttleworth wants to keep taxes in line, make Amherstburg a destination


Scott Shuttleworth is looking to give back to the community, this time as a town councillor.

Scott Shuttleworth is looking to give back to the community, this time as a town councillor.

By Ron Giofu


Local business owner Scott Shuttleworth has been a familiar face at charity barbecues and community events and now wants to assist Amherstburg from the inside.

Shuttleworth has filed his nomination papers and is seeking one of the five town councillor positions up for grabs in the Oct. 27 municipal election. He said he cares about the community both as a resident and as a business person.

“We need to get to being fiscally responsible and being open and honest with the community,” said Shuttleworth.

Stating he wants to help Amherstburg to be the best community it can possibly be, Shuttleworth said that not only does council have to be open and honest but it has to treat Amherstburg like a business as well. That includes making sure the town does not overspend and ensure it becomes a financially stable community.

“We should spend on what we have to but don’t overspend,” said Shuttleworth.

Keeping taxes “in order” and ensuring they are remain at a steady level will encourage people to build their houses in Amherstburg, he believes. Shuttleworth added that the town should assist in helping small businesses locate in the Amherstburg community by whatever means available. Over the next four years, he would like to see taxes be as stable as possible without too many increases.

In addition to wanting to bring in more businesses to Amherstburg, Shuttleworth said that he would like to see the local festival schedule enhanced to help bring more people to town and ensure it is a place for people not from the community to want to visit. He stated the word has to get out to the greater community that Amherstburg has a lot to offer, though he acknowledged the town has improved in that regard in recent years. Bringing more festivals and events to Amherstburg is something Shuttleworth would be in favour of as well.

“I think that’s something we need to bolster a little bit more, too,” he stated. “We need to bring in business, enhance festivals and make Amherstburg a destination for people to come to.”

Shuttleworth formerly operated the M&M Meat Shops franchise in Amherstburg and now operates Scotty’s BBQ Catering. He believes his business experience in setting budgets could prove to be an asset to the town. Over the years, he has assisted with numerous charity barbecues as well as with other community causes. It is Shuttleworth’s belief that getting involved in the community is important and an asset to the community as a whole.

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