Shar’s Spa to hold fundraiser for local family

By Joel Charron

Lukas William Roehler is only two months old and he’s in for the fight of his life.

Roehler has been diagnosed with a rare immune deficiency called Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome (WAS.) The deficiency is so rare it affects only four in 1,000,000 boys.

Boys with WAS cannot make antibodies against some types of bacteria and viruses, which leaves them susceptible to ear infections, pneumonia, blood infections and meningitis. They also have defective blood platelets.

“A few hours after Lukas was born we noticed bruising and petechia on his head and body,” the Roehler family said on a website dedicated to updating peole on the health of their infant son . ”We then discovered that his platelet count was at 17,000 or 17 whereas the normal range is 100,000 to 450,000 or 100 to 450.”

The leading treatment option for WAS is a bone marrow transplant.

Roehler’s parents, Lisa and Kristopher will have to leave their home with their two-month old son and their young daughter Emilia.

They will be travelling to Toronto’s Sick Kids Hospital for a bone marrow transplant and will have to live in Toronto for a few months while he receives his treatment.

This is the second time the Roehler family has had a son who has faced a fight with WAS. Their first son Christian was diagnosed with WAS and eventually passed away from the rare immune deficiency at 15 months old roughly four years ago.

Lisa, who works at Shar’s Spa, told her co-workers.

After learning of Roehler’s condition the staff at Shar’s Spa jumped into action by organizing a fundraiser to help take some of the financial burdens so they can focus on their son.

Michelle Wetherup-Elmer, organizer of the fundraiser said she has been canvassing local business in order to gather items for door prizes.

Wetherup-Elmer said they would be selling raffle tickets at Shar’s Spa until the month of August. Tickets are $2 each or three tickets for $5.

“They are the nicest family we have ever met,” said Wetherup Elmer. “They are part of our family here at the spa and we want to do what we can to help them through this difficult time.”

Shar’s Spa is located on the corner of Sandwich St. and North St. Call 519-736-3859 for more inofrmation.

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