Serious accident at County Road 20 & 10 intersection

November 6 Photos 344

A 20-year-old Amherstburg man has been charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle after a rollover crash on Front Road North Sunday night.

Amherstburg police say two occupants were ejected from a car travelling southbound on Front Road North, with the rollover accident beginning roughly 300 yards north of the Middle Side Road intersection. The car ended up in a vacant lot at the corner of the two roads.

The crash, which occurred at approximately 5:17 p.m. Sunday, saw police, fire and EMS attend as there were reports of serious injury. The driver sustained serious injuries and was transported to a Windsor hospital. Amherstburg police say he was held for observation and further medical testing.

The driver was charged with impaired operation of a motor vehicle and exceeding 80 mgs of alcohol in 100 ml of blood. Amherstburg police state he was further issued a 90-day suspension and left in the care of hospital staff. The driver was released from police custody with a court date next month.

The investigation is ongoing and the OPP technical reconstruction team were called in to investigate as well. Amherstburg police say “further charges may be warranted after a more thorough investigation.”

The passenger of the vehicle was released from hospital with no charges, police add.

Amherstburg police is encouraging people who may have witnessed the crash to contact the service through the police dispatch line 519-736-3622 or the office line at 519-736-2252.

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