Seasons resident helping to feed his fellow residents

Seasons resident helping to feed his fellow residents


By Ron Giofu


A resident at Seasons Amherstburg is doing his part to help feed both himself and others that live at the local retirement community.

Ron Trombley has been growing beets, tomatoes, peppers, onions and other vegetables and herbs in the gardens at the rear of the Front Road South retirement home. He does so in conjunction with Beau Veldhuis, dining services manager at Seasons Amherstburg with Veldhuis helping to acquire the vegetable plants needed.

“They let me come out and do what I want,” said Trombley.

Ron Trombley tends to the gardens at Seasons Amherstburg. (Photo by Jenn Lauzon)

Trombley said he looks after the gardens as best he can, including watering and weeding, and the food is eventually harvested and used in the kitchen to feed all of the residents. It is something Trombley said he is very familiar with.

“I came from a farm of 140 acres,” he explained. “I get my hands dirty.”

Not all the gardens at the back of Seasons are his, as resident Nida Agositinis still plants flowers in some of them. However, she joked that Trombley is younger than she is so he can take over most of the beds.

Trombley also quipped that he doesn’t plant flowers because “if I can’t eat it, I don’t plant it.”

A resident of Seasons Amherstburg since May 2017, Trombley said he is one of 18 children. He noted he wants to give back to his fellow residents.

“All the people are good to me so I try to be good to them,” he said.

When he was approached about planting vegetables, he jumped at the chance.

“They haven’t given me any crap yet,” he said.

A sample of the gardens at Seasons Amherstburg that resident Ron Trombley is tending to. (Photos by Jenn Lauzon)

Trombley added he can spend upwards of six hours a day in the garden at the start and finish of the season but said he spends about 90 minutes in the evening and 90 minutes in the morning at other points during the summer.

Agositinis said she still enjoys planting flowers, noting she waters the geraniums at least once per day. She estimates she spent five or six years in the garden.

“I love flowers,” said Agositinis.

Agositinis added that Trombley has “done a good job” and that they have a good relationship.

“We are very friendly,” she said. “As long as I feel good, I’ll keep a few flowers and keep working like we did this year.”

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