Seasons holds fall open house to welcome people through their doors



By Jolene Perron

After celebrating ten years of being open this year, Seasons Retirement Communities in Amherstburg was very excited to hold an open house for anyone who has come through their doors or called for information on their programs.

“For people who haven’t been in a retirement home in years, we want them to see everything that’s offered because they have changed so much,” explained leasing manager Heather Vandenham. “Activities are a huge thing we like to promote, and everything else that is included. It’s not just your meals and your room, we include care with our packages, we include lots of fun and outings and friendship. There are always groups here hanging out, so it’s always nice, it’s always decorated. It feels welcoming for people to come in.”

Jacquie Gibb, Tamasin Dineen and Heather Vandenham stood in the entryway at Season’s Retirement Communities, Amherstburg Sunday during an open house event, geared towards showcasing everything Seasons offers to its residents.

Vandenham said it’s very different than what people have in mind, and often times when families come through their doors they are amazing at how beautiful the homes are.

September 24 was a perfect time to bring all of the managers into the building for a meet and greet with potential residents, and to showcase all of the things they provide on a normal day-to-day basis, from appetizers and homemade desserts in the country kitchen, to pretzels, pop and snacks in some of the rooms upstairs where residents watched the football game.

The dining services manager Beau Veldhuis said they just wanted to showcase what they do on a regular basis and highlight the great spaces they have around the retirement home – and to have fun.

“We also like to keep everyone active, that’s so important to us when they come here to ensure there are lots of things for them to do whether it’s in a group or on their own,” explained Vandenham. “There are puzzle areas, areas where they can read, we have a beautiful library, pool table, there’s lots of choice here once they come.”

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