Schmidt announces return of house calls for seniors

Special to the RTT

Ontario Liberals are bringing house calls from family doctors and nurses back to Essex County – a program the NDP drastically cut, Essex Liberal candidate Ken Schmidt announced Aug. 30.

House calls mean that seniors in Essex County can see their family doctors and nurses in their own home, enjoying better health care because they’re getting regular checkups and medical attention, Schmidt said. He added that “this will make it easier for seniors to stay in their own home and remain independent, and will take some pressure off of those caring for their parents or loved ones at home.”

It was the New Democrats that were criticized most by the Liberal candidate, with it being stated that the NDP slashed support for house calls, causing many doctors to give up the practice all together and making it harder for seniors to stay at home and get the care they need.

The NDP is also accused of taking “the same backward approach with other cuts to health care” with the Liberals saying the NDP cut medical school spaces leading to fewer doctors while Ontario Liberals will have doubled the number of medical school graduates by 2013.

Schmidt noted that Ontario lost 3,000 nurses under the NDP while adding the incumbent Liberals have hired 11,500 new nurses. He added that “only Ontario Liberals have a plan and the leadership to keep strengthening our health care to ensure seniors get the care they need at home.”

Schmidt believes that bringing the house calls program back will benefit seniors in Essex County.

“Ontario Liberals will bring back house calls that will make a positive, meaningful difference in the lives of seniors in Essex County,” said Schmidt. “House calls will also make life a little easier for families. Many parents are stretched helping their aging mom or dad while raising families of their own.”

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