Schlarbaum reveals fifth novel

“A Memorable Murder” available now

By Joel Charron

Local Author and Page 233 Bookstore co-owner John Schlarbaum held a special get together at the Dalhousie St. bookstore to celebrate the launch of his new book “A Memorable Murder” Wednesday evening.

No, it’s not the third installment of the Steve Cassidy series, but rather focuses around a new character, Jennifer Malone.

Malone, an investigative newspaper report at the top of her field looks into a murder that takes place during a live morning television show during a presidential election.

“It plays out as a political, medical thriller,” said Schlarbaum, who said he developed the storyline in a unique way.

Local author and Page 233 Bookstore owner John Scharbaum recently released his fifth novel “A Memorable Murder”

“The plot came out of me just thinking, what would it be like if you woke up in a strange hotel, you had no idea how you got there and as you’re watching the news you find out that you’re the prime suspect in a murder investigation,” explained Schlarbaum.

Since Schlarbaum has a background in television he tossed around the idea of “what would happen if it occured on live TV?”

“When you think about that you to start to think of the Harvey Oswald shooting or John Lennon or Reagan,” said Schlarbaum. “The type of thing where everything is played out on television.”

Schlarbaum noted that the Jennifer Malone character came before Steve Cassidy but is just now being introduced as a main character.

“Jennifer Malone differs from Steve Cassidy because she doesn’t have all the emotional baggage that Steve does,” he said. “She still has the same kind of sarcasm and wit but she’s very smart.”

Schlarbaum said he decided to follow down the path of a different character because he wanted to try “something different.”  He said with the second Steve Cassidy book “When Angels Fail to Fly” was more dense and he experimented with different writing styles.

“With ‘A Memorable Murder’ I wanted something that was quick and easy,” the local author said. “This is a great beach book or something you would read on an airplane. It’s a very quick, easy thriller.”

Schlarbaum also mentioned there could be a possibility of Jennifer Malone and Steve Cassidy crossing paths in the future.

“I could see Jennifer and Steve team up down the road,” said Schlarbaum.

Schlarbaum has already received high praise for his new novel.

“Schlarbaum is a storyteller whose extraordinary grasp of plot and character and compellingly eerie and disquieting scenes will make you squirm. This is a murder mystery of immense talent. Once you finish with this book, you will want to read everything else by this writer,” said Marty Gervais, bestselling author of The Rumrunners

“A Memorable Murder” is Scharlbaum’s fifth novel and can be purchased at Page 233 Bookstore and any Chapters location in the country. It is also available in eBook along with “Barry Jones’ Cold Dinner” and “When Angels Fail to Fly” at

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