Scam artists seeking access to personal computers return


Police logo-webBy Ron Giofu


Scam artists looking to gain access to personal computers and the private information therein have returned and Amherstburg police are advising people about it.

Amherstburg police have been receiving complaints from residents who state they have received calls from people claiming to be from Windows and alleging they will help the computer owner to fix issues over the phone. Mike Clough was one local resident who received such a call and stated the caller told him there were those trying to hack into his system and wanted him to sign into his computer while he was on the phone with them.

Clough didn’t fall for what the caller was telling him and said he did not get any answer when he tried to call the number back. Not giving out personal information or computer log-in information is exactly what people should do, said Sr. Const. Shawn McCurdy.

“You’ve got to be very careful,” said McCurdy. “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is.”

McCurdy said such calls as the one received by Clough are “complete frauds” and an attempt to steal a person’s private information and identity. Agencies such as Windows or outlets where a computer is purchased are not going to call people out of the blue.

“They are not going to call you and say they are going to fix your computer,” said McCurdy. “If you grant them access to your computer, they are going to wait until you log in to your bank account. This is what this scam is all about.”

Similar scams have seen people go door-to-door and offer to fix such things as a person’s water heater and McCurdy said access should not be granted then either.

“If you are unsure, call us,” said McCurdy.

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