Santos offically opens campaign office

By Joel Charron

Liberal MP candidate Nelson Santos is ready to ‘paint the county red.”

He’s even got a pair of new red shoes to do so.

Santos’ new kicks made their debut at the official opening of his campaign office in Essex last Tuesday afternoon.

Santos was joined by nearly 30 volunteers organizing and assembling election signs, which were being distributed throughout the Essex riding community.

“It’s time that Essex gets their Liberal candidate to Ottawa as their new MP,” said Santos. “We need to get the word out that the Liberal Party is here. We are strong and we are going to move forward together.”

Santos said he’s expected to hand out over 650 campaign signs by the end of the week.

The Liberal MP candidate said the new family care plan that was recently put forth by the Liberal Party will “make it happen” for

Liberal MP candidate Nelson Santos, loads election signs into a trailer before he prepares to canvas the County. Santos said he and his volunteers plan to put up 650 signs by the weekend.

Essex County communities.

“We are going to strengthen families and we are going to strengthen communities at the same time,” said Santos. “We all know that Canada is only as strong as its communities and believe me by the time we are wrapped up our communities are going to be so strong, and our country is going to be so strong.”

The former Essex County Warden said one of the top issues he has been hearing from families is health care.

“There doesn’t seem to be a plan that has been presented by the current government in terms of continuing to invest in health care,” said Santos.

He added that the “status quo” of maintaining the financial static levels is not able to keep up with today’s needs.

“It doesn’t recognize the needs of families and doesn’t recognize the needs of our communities at this time,” he said.

Santos said with the lack of physicians and delaying of training for nurses and nurse practitioners, Windsor and Essex County is in “crisis mode.”

“We need to see this as moving forward not holding at a pace that isn’t keeping up with the times,” stated Santos.

The Family Care Plan that the Liberal Party has put forward, Santos says, is looking at investing in more spaces and more incentives in bringing doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners to rural communities and under-serviced regions in Canada.

“We need that type of assistance,” said Santos. “The Liberal Party has put that in the platform. We are going to be committed to the communities.”

In order to dethrone incumbent Essex MP Jeff Watson, Santos said it will simply take “hard work.” Santos stated that he feels Watson is not serving Windsor/Essex County to the degree in which he can.

“He (Watson) doesn’t recognize the true essence of what Essex County can represent,” said Santos. “He hasn’t spoken in favor of Essex. He’s been speaking against things and attacking people.”

Santos noted that for the past four years he has been attending festivals, meeting with business owners and health specialists across the county, talking about issues that matter.

“I’m well connected in the community in terms of understanding the needs of the families, the needs of the growing community and the infrastructure deficits, which is a very similar story across each and every community.”

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