Santa Claus floats down Canard River via canoe



By Jolene Perron


Santa Claus traded in his sleigh for a canoe over the weekend, and made his way down River Canard to stop in for a visit at a local store.

For the second year, the River Canard Outpost General Store and the River Canard Canoe Co. have brought a unique Christmas themed event to the community, highlighting their waterway and bringing families together.

Santa Claus came down River Canard by canoe Sunday afternoon to greet families along the waterfront.

Owner Ron Lapointe explained they wanted to show off what they have in their area as far as tourism goes. He said River Canard is a community all in itself.

“People seemed to respond to our event very positively, it’s great for the kids, it’s great for the families, and where else can you see Santa Claus come in to town by boat?” said Lapointe.

Their Santa was particularly unique. Not only did he travel down the river in a canoe, paddled by his elves, he did a full magic show and brought with him a number of helping elves to paint faces and play Christmas games.

“We were invited by our friend to come out to see Santa come down the river,” explained Debra Flores, mother of two. “When we went online we saw a lot of other things taking place too so we’re excited about that. The kids didn’t know so it was a nice surprise for them. We are looking forward to the hot chocolate and the games.

After canoeing down the river and under the bridge, Santa had a chance to meet with children on the shores behind the River Canard Outpost General Store Dec. 3.

“It’s different, if the river was frozen it might have added a bit more to it, but it’s still great.”

Lapointe said the turnout this year doubled, with a crowd of parents and children overlooking the waterfront. He said it’s just their way of saying thank you to the community for supporting them throughout the year.

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