Sabers stomp Jr Bulldogs 42-13

By Joel Charron

The season continues to a series of lessons for the General Amherst Jr. Bulldogs.

A week after picking up their first win of the year, the Jr. Bulldogs squared off against the undefeated (4-0) Sandwich Sabers Wednesday afternoon at Centennial Park in a 42-13 loss for the Bulldogs.

After showing flashes of potential against the Massey Mustangs, the Jr. Bulldogs took a step back against the Sabers. The same problem that plagued Amherst in their first two games reared its ugly head once again, poor blocking and little heart.

“I don’t know why, but they seemed scared to death out there today,” said head coach Dave Scott. “They seemed ok before the game and all of a sudden they got out there and things changed.”

Scott said the team is not used to being hit hard by a tough team.

“They’re just not used to that yet,” said Scott.


With Sandwich Sabers draped all over him, Reilly Paquette fights for a few more yards.

The Jr. Bulldogs fell into a deep hole in the first quarter allowing the Sabers to score on their first three offensive possessions on a 28-yard pass, an 80-yard run and a 19-yard run.

Sandwich continued to pile it on, scoring a 22-yard touchdown run, pushing the score to 28-0 in the second quarter.

When Amherst finally crossed midfield half way through the second quarter, Sandwich forced and recovered a fumble.

Amherst would get the ball back when Marshal Laing intercepted a pass, however Jr. Bulldogs quarterback Eric Parker gave the ball back to the visiting team, throwing an interception of his own a few plays later.

The Bulldogs went into halftime down 28-0.

The third quarter started the same way the first half did, with Sandwich running the ball down the throat of the Jr. Bulldog on their way to a 65-yard touchdown run.

The Bulldogs did however put up a fight in the second half, exposing some imperfections in the Sabers defense, as they were able to move the ball up the field.

Zac Sinasac put the Bulldogs on the board with a one-yard touchdown run, which was answered by another Sabers touchdown from 10-yards out.

In the dying minutes, Parker ran a bootleg to connect with Joel Wismer for a 30-yard touchdown pass. Sandwich blocked the extra point.

Although the Jr. Bulldogs lost 42-13, Scott said there are some building blocks to work with.

“We began to play in the second half,” said Scott. “The Grade 9’s played well and so did some of the Grade 10’s.”

Sinasac said in the second half they started to see holes in the defensive line and used them.

“We got them with our ’36’ almost every time,” said Sinasac.

Blocking continues to be a problem and Sinasac said he seems to know why.

“I think it has to do a lot with being intimidated from the other team,” he admits.

He also added although they lost the game, knowing that they can score points against the league’s top team is a morale  booster.

“Those two touchdowns really helped out,” he said.

The Jr. Bulldogs record falls to 1-3 with Holy Names and Kennedy left on the schedule.

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