Run for Heroes Marathon to be ‘economic vehicle’


By Joel Charron

With the Run for Heroes Marathon quickly approaching, race director Chris Uszynski is hoping the Amherstburg business community embraces the opportunity.

According to Uszynski, 4,000 runners are expected to arrive in Amherstburg during Sept. 21-23, which means local business have an opportunity to market themselves to the influx of tourism.

“Runners are really the ultimate tourist,” said Uszynski. “They love to travel, they love to eat, and they love to shop. Businesses in town really need to look at this as an economic vehicle.”

Last year, Uszynski said the business community responded “very well” to the marathon.

“Last year we had members of the Chamber of Commerce man the water stations and that was a big help,” said Uszynski.

With the addition of the Heath Expo, Uszynski noted this is a great chance for local business owners to “get their name out there.”

“You can literality have between 40-50 vendors really targeting their product to this market,” explained Uszynski. “It is very possible to have 40,000 people come through the expo. It’s an opportunity to get some great exposure.”

Uszynski said there is three way businesses can get involved with the Run for Heroes Marathon with one avenue being a sponsorship.

“Whither its sponsoring the race line or finish line or sponsoring a water station there are plenty of ways a business can put their own personal stamp on this race,” said Uszynski.

Second, businesses can opt to buy a booth at the Health Expo held at the UCCU Complex. A 10 by 10 booth can be purchased for as low as $150 for the weekend.

“You’re able to exhibit and show your product to that valuable market,” noted Uszynski.

Another way businesses can get involved with the marathon is to donate item to the race kits for the runners.

The race kits will hold the runner’s shirts and bibs, along with a plethora of information about the town and the surrounding area. Uszynski added that anything could be thrown in the race kit that could help add to the participants’ experience.

“It could be a free chocolate bar or power bar, or maybe even coupons for a product or maybe even a giveaway, we need 4,000 of those, what ever it may be,” said Uszynski. “We are out there working with businesses to get them all to go into the race kit.”

Uszynski said he does not want to see any business miss out on this opportunity and would try to “custom fit” a sponsorship package to a business.

It is anticipated that 50 per cent of the runners will come from Windsor-Essex County, another 25 per cent from a 90-minute radius outside of that and the rest from “everywhere.”

At the present time, 600 hotel rooms in Windsor have been booked for the event with runners to be bused to Amherstburg. Wine tours are expected to be busy that weekend and Uszynski envisions people coming in, picking up their race kits and enjoying the restaurants, shops and other amenities Amherstburg has to offer.

If any business is looking to get involved with the Run for Heroes Marathon should contact Uszynski via email,

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