RTT to handle town advertising

By Karen Fallon

Coming in with the lowest tender the River Town Times will continue to be the vehicle used by the town to get their information across to the public.

In a report to council by Dennis Laporte, Director Recreation and Culture and Anne Rota, Manager of Tourism and Culture, it noted that of the two tenders – The Times and the Amherstburg Echo – the River Town Times came in the lowest.

Therefore the Times will continue to carry the town’s advertising page for the term of council – March 29, 2011 to Feb. 2015.

According to the report the page addresses the town’s local advertising needs and covers a variety of areas including council meetings, event calendar, legal notices, general clerk’s information and seasonal items such as snow removal and pool enclosures, special events and employment postings.

However, the decision by council was not unanimous as it was deemed by some as not offering a fair playing field for both community newspapers.

Councillor Diane Pouget , Carolyn Davies and Bart DiPasqualie wanted the contract split on an annual basis between the two community newspapers.

“Both the River Town Times and the Amherstburg Echo do  a tremendous job,” said Pouget. “They both cover all of our academic, our athletic, social, any news worthy story, council, both are very, very informed papers for the Town of Amherstburg.”

However, as noted by Councillor John Sutton this scenario was not put forth in the tendering process.

“I certainly wouldn’t disagree about the two papers and what they do for the community, but that is not the issue that is before us,” noted Sutton. “The issue that is before us is tendering. Tendering is many things but it is not sharing.”

“If this was for another project; if it was for a dog catcher services, or the fixing of a road and there were two companies in the municipality that do that we wouldn’t give them half the road, or we wouldn’t alternate years,” continued Sutton.

“Tendering isn’t sharing. Tendering is saying come give us your best competitive bid … and from that best we will make a determination and that determination no way reflects what they do or don’t do for the community, or where they reside, or where they hold office, that should be totally separate,” he continued.

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