Royal Canadian Mint unveils Chief Tecumseh coin at Fort Malden


By Joel Charron

The bravery of Shawnee Chief Tecumseh during the War of 1812 made him one of the war’s most well known heroes.

His likeness is now featured on a new 25-cent circulation coin, which was unveiled at the Barracks at Fort Malden, Friday morning.

This is the second of four circulation coins, which commemorate key historical figures, who influenced the fight for Canada from 1812 to 1814. Other figures to be commemorated are Sir Isaac Brock, Laura Secord, Charles Michel De Salaberry and HMS Shannon.

The reverse image of this new 25-cent circulation coin features a profile portrait of Tecumseh, designed by Nova Scotia artist Bonnie Ross, against an intricately engraved background comprised of the words “The War of 1812” in both English and French. Featured in the design is the stylized maple leaf from the Government of Canada War of 1812 logo, on which “1812” appears in antique script.

In all, 12.5 million of these commemorative circulation coins have been produced in two distinct finishes. Half of them feature a coloured maple leaf from the War of 1812 logo while the remaining coins have a frosted portrait of Tecumseh while the maple leaf remains unpainted.


unveiling the new 25 cent coin featuring Chief Tecumseh
In photo (L to R) Royal Canadian Mint Chair of the Board James B. Love, Caldwell First Nation Chief Louise Hillier, Virgil Nahdee and
MP Essex Jeff Watson.

“Today we are again reminded of the importance of honouring a man, whose ultimate sacrifice on the battlefield helped Canada to defend its borders as well as its values and beliefs,” said James B. Love, Chair of the Board for the Royal Canadian Mint.

“The legendary Shawnee Chief Tecumseh is remembered as a aboriginal visionary, a fearless warrior and a hero of the War of 1812. His determination and profound military knowledge made him a curucial British ally.”

Over the course of the War of 1812, Tecumseh led over 2,000 warriors and fought at the sieges of Fort Meigs and Fort Stephenson. Tecumseh’s support for Major-General Sir Isaac Brock at the capture of Detroit was decisive though he ultimately fell at the Battle of the Thames in Chatham in 1812.

“This new Royal Canadian Mint 25-cent coin is a permanent remembrance of the vital and priceless role our aboriginal people played along this border two centuries ago for the lasting benefit for us all,” said Essex MP Jeff Watson.

Watson noted the Chief Tecumseh’s “legendary role” in the War of 1812 is a “testament to the bravery, commitment, loyalty of  the Métis people involved in that historic conflict.”

Caldwell First Nation Chief Louise Hillier said Chief Tecumseh was a man in his own time of greatness.

“It was his passion to serve his people and to protect Mother Earth,” said Chief Hillier.

Chief Hillier added its important for today’s youth to be aware of Chief Tecumseh’s “greatness” but not just his conquests but also as a man.

Canadians can find this new coin in general circulation as of November 19.

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