Rough week for Amherst boys basketball

By Joel Charron

Playing one half basketball isn’t the way to get a win in the left side of the column.

The General Amherst Bulldogs turned in two carbon copy performances last week against Herman and Holy Names.

The lack of offensive productivity lead to a 53-44 loss to Herman Tuesday evening and a 56-40 loss to  Holy Names Thursday evening.

In Thursday night’s bout, Amherst and Holy Names headed into halftime tied 26-26 but after a 6-0 run by the Knights, Amherst lost it’s offense prowess it enjoyed in the first half.

The Bulldogs didn’t score a point until 3:07 in the third quarter from a Matt Duby free throw and trailed 41-32 at the end of the third frame.


Amherst point guard Max Reiner blows by a Herman defender

“You can’t quit scoring and take a quarter off and that’s what we did,” said Bulldogs head coach Dom Silvaggio. “It was very similar to Tuesday night.”

Silvaggio noted with Amherst being a smaller school than most other Tier 1 school, the Bulldogs can’t afford to go through long stretches without putting points on the board.

He also mentioned his squad needs to find their offensive flow, stating the losses could be more acceptable if the Bulldogs played like they did in the first half of the Herman and Holy Names games.

“Everyone in this league is going to be tough,” said Silvaggio. “We’re not a great offensive team. We’re ok but not great. We have to find a way to stay with team and pull out a win in the end.”

A lack of productivity from the free throw line has also hindered the Bulldogs. Amherst shot 5-17 from the line against Herman and 5-13 against Holy Names.

“We have to shoot better from the free throw line,” said Silvaggio. “In the third quarter we were down four points, went to the free throw line twice and missed both times and that hurts. That’s probably our biggest problem.”

Mike Mallender scored 12 points to lead Amherst against Holy Names with Mitch Girard and Jeff Masson adding ten and eight points respectively. Girard had 19 points against Herman with Masson scoring 11.

Masson said he was pleased how the Bulldogs came out in the first half against Holy Names. Masson said the lack of intensity could be tracked back to their practices.

“We have to change our practices,” explained Masson. “We’ve got to give 100 per cent in every practice in order to play a full game.”

When asked about the team’s troubles at the free throw line, Masson simply said,

“We have to start making those. We can’t miss them in Tier 1 basketball.”


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