Record turnout for Bob Meloche Memorial Fishing Derby


By Joel Charron

Another chapter was written in the annual Bob Meloche Memorial Fishing Derby.

The AMA Sportsmen’s Club hosted the annual event with children and their parents taking to the lakes for a relaxing morning of fishing before heading back to the club with their fish in hand so measurements could be taken.

This year, the annual fishing derby attracted over 170 kids, which is slightly more than the previous year.

“The members here work very, very hard to make this a huge success,” said AMA Sportsmen’s Club vice-president Bob Duby. “We want the kids to come out an enjoy this experience.”


Front row ( L to R) 0-5 years division: Brody Buchanan, Parker Baillargeon Hayden Pillon. Middle row (L to R) 6-10 division: Sydney Hamelin, Ethan Dagenais, Tyler Bratt. Back Row (L to R) 11-15 division: Brendan Davidson, Mitch Pillon, Katlyn Gatto.

In the 0-5 years category, Brody Buchanan took home first place with a fish measuring 26.5 inches. Second place was Parker Baillargeon with a fish of 19 ¾ inches. Third place went to Hayden Pillon with a fish of 19.5 inches.

In the 6-10 years category, Sydney Hamelin was first place with a fish of 29.5 inches. Second was Ethan Dagenais with a fish of 25 ¾ inches and Tyler Bratt grabbed third place with a fish of 22 1/8 inches.

In the 11-15 age division Brendan Davidson took home first place with a 30 ¼ inch fish. Mitch Pillon was second with a 26 1/8 inch fish and Katlyn Gatto won third place with a fish of 25 ½ inch.

The annual fishing derby is named after Bob Meloche, who passed away in a tragic car accident years ago.

Duby recalls when Meloche started the fishing derby out of his backyard and then later moved it to the Sportsmen’s Club when  attendance became too great for his backyard.

Duby said Meloche’s three sons are the one who do the measuring.

“We try anything possible to make this derby bigger and better,” said Duby.

Although there are plenty of smiles on the faces of the children but according to Duby, it’s the members who have the most fun by watching the children bring in their fish.

“We have more fun by far,” said Duby.

Duby noted that hosting the event is a total group effort and praised the member for putting on a quality event.

“There are a lot of men and women at the club that step up to the plate and make it as successful as possible,” said Duby. “It’s all about the kids. We want to keep brining them in if we want to continue to be here.”

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