Record attendance at Bob Meloche Memorial Fishing Derby

By Joel Charron

Another chapter was written in the annual Bob Meloche Memorial Kids Fishing Derby and it ended with a record number of kids this Sunday.

The AMA Sportsmen’s Club hosted the annual event with children and their parents taking to the lakes for a relaxing afternoon of fishing before heading back to the Club with their fish in hand so measurement could be taken.

“We got 180 kids that signed up,” said organizer Bob Dube. “That’s by far the biggest ever. It’s very, very good.”

Top row (L to R)): Gord Meloche, Cody Goulin, Dylan Joncas, Hayley Goulin Mike Meloche. Middle row: (L to R) Justin Goulin, Madison Faucher, Dylan Seguin, Greg Meloche. Bottom row: (L to R) Nick Seguin, Darian Dufour, Jade Lacombe.

The 180 children surpass last year’s 132 children. Dube said there were more female entries this year.

In the 0-5 years category, Nick Seguin took first place with a fish measuring 23 1/2”. Second place Darian Dufour with a fish measuring 22 7/8” with third place going to Jade Lacombe with a fish measuring 22 3/8”.

In the 6-10 years division, first place went to Justin Goulin with a 26” fish while Madison Faucher and her 25 1/4” fish won second place. Dylan Seguin and his 24 1/4” fish won third place.

The 11-15 years category saw first place go to Cody Goulin with a fish measuring 27 1/4”. Second place was chosen by a toss of a coin as two fish tied at 24 1/4”. Dylan Joncas was awarded second place while Hayley Goulin won third place.

The kids fishing derby was also affiliated with the National Wild Turkey Federation’s (NWTF) JAKES program. AMA Sportsman’s Club board member Dale Scott, a regional director with the NWTF, said the program stands for juveniles acquiring knowledge, ethics and sportsmanship and it is an outreach to get kids involved.

Dube said there was anywhere from $2,000- $4,000 in fishing swag that was given away.

“If the club had to retail for all this stuff, it would have been a lot more,” said Dube.

According to Dube, Canadian Tire was able to give them a “great deal” while the Toronto Sportsman’s Show donated 50 fishing rods.

“Every kid gets a prize,” said Dube. “That’s what the club is all about, we’re a family oriented club.”

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